Laver & Wood Cricket bats

Laver & Wood Cricket bats

Everything nowadays is about bespoke and custom made and tailor made. From your suits and ties to the trimmings of your vehicles and everything in between, there is a distinct luxury about having something custom made for you.

The same is true when it comes to your cricket bat. There are plenty of great cricket bats on the shelf, like top of the range GM’s or a top of the range Kookaburra or even a great piece of willow from an up and coming brand like Hammer Cricket. But still in all, there is something luxurious, opulent and downright dreamy about getting a bat custom made for you.
There is no better custom made bat than the Laver and Wood Reserve Cricket Bat. Customize where you want the sweet spot. Do you love the front foot or do you prefer the back foot? Well why not make a bat that suits those preferences. The best thing about the Laver and Wood Reserve Cricket Bat and all Laver and Wood cricket bats for that matter is that James Laver does not compromise one iota on the materials that he uses for his cricket bats. The willow is the cream of the forest, absolutely pristine player grade willow. The cane for the handle and everything in between is absolutely top quality.
Like most custom made items, these bats suit their owners perfectly. Minimal fuss and great character but the added benefit of a Laver and Wood cricket bat is that these bats are built to last. If treated properly these bats can last well over a decade. Proper care means buying a cover for it but more importantly it means ensuring that the bat is ready for play before it faces even one ball. Ask the experts at Hammer Cricket and they can tell you exactly what needs to take place.
There is scantly a better cricket bat on the market than the Laver and Wood Reserve Cricket Bat.
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Partnership between Laver and Wood and Cricketstoreonline

Through the years, it has become clear to all that is committed to providing cricket lovers throughout the world, access to the widest range of cricketing equipment at the best possible industry prices. matches quality with affordability to bring fans the best. As the cricket world innovates with new equipment and new bat makers, it is inevitable that before long they will be up for purchase at maintains exclusive and robust relationships with all of cricket’s top equipment manufacturers for the benefit of their customers. It is with this in mind that cricketstoreonline is proud to be stockists of the Laver and Wood range of bats.
James Laver is renowned throughout the cricketing fraternity as a master bat maker. The components and handiwork that go into his prestigious pieces of willow are pristine. Prestige and exclusivity are some of the words that come to mind when picking up a Laver and Wood bat. It is only fitting that such a prestigious bat to be sold on the world’s most popular and robust cricket equipment store,
The relationship between and Laver and Wood is yet another testament to cricketstoreonline’s unyielding commitment to provide the highest quality cricket equipment to cricket fanatics wherever they may be in the world. The Laver and Wood range of bats is truly superlative. The fans are set to be the biggest benefactors of the relationship between cricketstoreonline and Laver and Wood. Through, fans from non-test playing nations will be able, for the very first time to get their hands on Laver and Wood bats.
The prospect of Laver and Wood readily available to the broad public as offered by cricketstoreonline is mouthwatering, we only cannot wait to see what they offer up next.

The Affinity Carbine Cricket Bat

The Affinity Carbine Cricket Bat

There are many new brands of cricket bats that are really making waves in the market. Brands like Hammer and Affinity. These bats are superbly crafted and rank up there with the finest GM, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls and other big name cricket bats on the market.

The Affinity Carbine Cricket Bat is an absolute gem of a cricket bat. It has everything any batsman may want from a cricket bat and is well priced. The Affinity Carbine is all about providing maximum willow mass through the ball, to ensure the batsmen is hitting the ball with maximized power.
The Affinity Carbine has many other beautiful features including superb aesthetic looks. It has very clean sticker placements accentuating the beauty of the willow used in making the bat.
If you are going to be judging the performance of a cricket bat based on the size of the edges, as many people erroneously do, you may overlook the Affinity Carbine cricket bat. The Affinity expert bat makers have placed a huge focus on providing maximum power in the middle and also providing a beautifully weighted bat, hence the slightly smaller edges.
 The Affinity Carbine Cricket Bat

Affinity Juggernaut cricket kit bag

This bat may appeal to players who play on slightly bouncier pitches. This is because the middle hitting-zone of the bat is in the middle to upper part of the bat.
On the whole, this superbly priced cricket bat is a great buy for players of any skill level. New bat makers like Hammer and Affinity have made huge strides to produce a truly competitive cricket bat. The Affinity Carbine is definitely a brand to be watched in the future.

Morrant International Lite Batting pads

Morrant International Lite Batting pads

You have always wondered where do I get a pair of pads like Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag? The Morrant International Lite Batting Pads are the pads of choice of Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag and for very good reason.

The Morrant International Lite Batting pads are the lightest pads on the market.
Morrant were the first company on the market to make high density lightweight foam for their pads. The pads are beautifully moduled to fit the contour of any players legs with regular use. The unique modulation design of the pads, make them one of the most comfortable pairs of cricket pads on the market.
The Morrant International Lite Batting pads are available from &
The pads have a unique anti-bounce on contact with the ball. Improved inside comfort lining means the ultimate experience in comfort batting pads. The unique two-strap design also means a higher flexibility. The straps are slightly thicker which means the pad stays snuggly around the leg despite only having two legs.
These pads are also designed ambidextrously, which makes them perfect for clubs and schools where players do not bring their own equipment. The ambidextrous finish to the pads is facilitated by the unique twin wing design. The twin wing design surprisingly does not diminish from the comfort-ability of the pads.
These pads are fabulous and it is no wonder that Sachin Tendulkar favored them for he best part of his illustrious career.

CA Somo cricket bat

CA Somo cricket bat


So, you are a beginner to the game of cricket and have probably begun playing with a tape ball or a tennis ball. This is a very good move, starting off with a tape or tennis ball before moving on to the real hard leather cricket ball, will ensure that you have adequate bat skills before you have to face the hard ball.

 CA Somo cricket bat

ca somo cricket bat 2014

This also means that you have to find a bat that will perform with the tape and tennis balls. Many people falsely think that any old bat would do. This is not so, as you probably want to use something a little less expensive, but still something that gives you the feeling of wielding a real cricket bat. This is why the CA Somo Cricket Bat 2014 is a great beginners bat.
It is sturdy and gives the batsman the feeling of a real cricket bat but is specially crafted for optimum play on a tennis or tape ball. CA’s 2014 range is superlative and they have left no market unchartered. The fact that they have gone the lengths to engineer a bat like the Somo with specific tape ball credentials is something worth marveling at.
If this season you will be facing a tape ball before you move up into the cricketing big leagues, the CA Somo Cricket Bat is a great bat to own. It is priced well and also makes for the perfect backyard cricket bat. If treated properly and protected from the elements, there is no reason why the CA Somo Tape Ball Cricket Bat should not last a lifetime.

Don’t Penalize Bigger Bats?

Don’t Penalize Bigger Bats?

Sanjay Manjrekar in a video for ESPNCricinfo was recently of the opinion that bat sizes should be regulated. This would stop edges from travelling quite as far as they do and even the contest between batsmen and bowlers. However, as many cricket commentators and analysts have quickly pointed out, such regulations would be very difficult to implement.
What Manjrekar’s point does highlight is the brilliance of modern day bat makers. Many players of yesteryear would have been happy to wield bats with a middle the size of the modern day bat’s edges. These bats have quite incredible dimensions and this is because of modern day bat making techniques. Part of the modern day bat marvel is that they are still within a similar weigh category to the bats that were being produced twenty and thirty years ago.
While T20 cricket has advanced the plight of cricket on the global stage, some of the plaudits and credit has to go to the modern day bat maker. It is because of these bat makers, that some of the audacious strokes that batsmen play are travelling quite as far as they do. Modern day bat makers are surely not the first on any bowler’s Christmas card list, however, analysts have pointed out that modern day bats have also contributed to the improvement of tail-end batsmen. This essentially means that bowlers are batting better because of the high quality of bats nowadays.
photo Dont Penalize Bigger Bats?
This renaissance in bat making has not been exclusive to any brand in particular. All of the renowned bat makers have produced absolute pristine quality bats. Bat making of great quality has also allowed the birth of micro bat breweries. Little bastions of quality new bats have arisen. This only bodes better for the game of cricket in the future.
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Hammer Pro cricket batting gloves 2014

Hammer Pro cricket batting gloves 2014

If there is any brand that is making waves in the cricketing world for their top notch quality on all of their products, it is Hammer Cricket.
Pro Gloves zps359c4a53 Hammer Pro cricket batting gloves 2014

Hammer Pro 2014 batting gloves

From their superlative, high quality bats made from the finest willow and geared for professionals, to this pair of Hammer Pro Batting Gloves, the Hammer cricketing range is truly making waves in the cricket market.
The Hammer Pro Batting Gloves are truly a piece of equipment where aesthetics meets functionality. The gloves offer a beautiful grip on the bat and their unique ventilation and quick absorption system means that despite perspiration, batsmen can still have a good grip of their bat.
The protection offered is also second to none of any of the great cricket gloves out their in the market. An added layer of fiber protection lies on top of each one of the fingers, this is an added protection to the always battered fingers but does not compromise on the flexibility of the glove.
Flexibility in a batting glove is key, as the nimbleness of the glove, will determine the batsman’s ability to play those delicate and wristy shots that sometimes require quick and agile hands through the ball.
Another superlative feature of the Hammer Pro Batting Gloves is how incredibly lightweight they are. A lightweight feature on any piece of protective cricketing gear is a huge bonus, allowing the batsman the much needed extra freedom at the crease.
Any batsmen would be privileged to bat with gloves such as the Hammer Beserker Pro Batting Gloves, they are like a sweetly struck cover drive, simply superb.
And just when we thought life couldn’t get any better Hammer decided to give us a sneak peek at the new 2015 range of pro gloves.
IMG 1931 zps0ac9b758 Hammer Pro cricket batting gloves 2014

Hel 156 pro 2015 batting gloves

IMG 1960 zps39de4b88 Hammer Pro cricket batting gloves 2014

Hammer Vapen pro batting gloves 2015

IMG 2019 zps576a93b7 Hammer Pro cricket batting gloves 2014

Hammer Beserker Pro batting gloves



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Nike LunarAccelerate Bowling Boots

New to 2014, Nike has come out with the Nike LunarAccelerate Bowling Boots. They’re not the cheapest bowling boots on the market, but they’re well worth the money, because you know you’re getting top quality, reliable, and durable cricket equipment with Nike.

Head over to your cricket store for these new bowling boots along with other premium cricket equipment from these top brands: Gunn and Moore, Gray Nicolls, Slazenger Cricket, Kookaburra, and Adidas Cricket.

Screen Shot 2014 04 02 at 9.58.41 AM Nike LunarAccelerate Bowling Boots

Nike LunarAccelerate Bowling Boots

The Nike LunarAccelerate bowling boots can be worn for batting and fielding, but were really designed with the bowler in mind. With a higher cut and an ankle strap, these bowling boots offer maximum ankle protection for those hard landings. The strap on the Nike LunarAccelerate boots really locks down the ankle so it can hardly move in the shoe.

Again with the bowler in mind, Nike has included a reinforced toe box on its LunarAccelerate bowling boots. This reduces wear and tear on the shoe while protecting the bowler’s foot. Almost contrastingly, the Nike LunarAccelerate bowling boots are fitted with flex grooves at the forefoot to allow for the flexibility a bowler needs.

Aesthetically, the Nike LunarAccelerate bowling boots look nicer than Nike cricket shoes from years past. Nike has ditched the orange cricket shoes and elected to go for a more subtle white shoe with red and blue accents for its 2014 shoes.

The Nike LunarAccelerate bowling boots are made with lots of mesh and airflow systems to keep your feet nice and cool while you’re playing, allowing for a very comfortable shoe. Nike has also included foam cushioning under the heel for maximum comfort as well as shock absorption to protect your joints when landing.

While the Nike LunarAccelerate bowling boots are not the most lightweight cricket shoes, they are still in the lightweight range, even with the higher cut and ankle strap.

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