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Cricket gear for #2016!

Read this before purchasing any new gear!

Top 2016 Cricket Bats #10 to #6

In this 1st blog were looking at bats like the 2015 Kookaburra Kahuna LITE, The Puma EvoSpeed & the Hammer Hel156 amongst others.

Top cricket bats for 2016 #5-#1

The completed list of the best cricket bats available for sale in 2016 and what they would be if they were a car, brands like Kookaburra and GM included.

5 top batting gloves for 2016

Cricket Gear Reviews presents 5 of the top cricket batting gloves that you should be considering for the 2016 cricket season.

Top 10 Batting Gloves for 2016 #6-10

Look out for these batting gloves for 2016, this is why we feel they make our top 10 list of cricket gloves for 2016.


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