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Well, we are at 17 days to go until our cricket bat giveaway. we have had an awesome response to the giveaway. News of it has spread around the world with people entering the competition from countries as far away as south africa, india and australia.

The Gray Nicolls phoenix titanium short handle cricket bat is still sitting here in my office. I get to look at it every day and admire it. She really is a good looking cricket bat. This partictular cricket bat has a more traditional straight face. Not like a lot of the modern cricket bats that have a concave ( sub-continent ) curve to the face.

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The cricket bat was hand crafted in england which is rare these days with a large majority of the cricket bats being made in india or pakistan. The bat has about 8 grains on the face and has a very nice ping to it. You will get 2 grips on the handle of the bat as well as a pre-installed toe guard.

One of the unique features about this cricket bat is the Groove Power System. What gray nicolls have done is take wood out of the back side of the bat to make it a little lighter without affecting the the sweet spot at all. I am seriously impressed with this bat.Its a lot like the bat Brian Lara used to use. The Scoop.

Feel free to go have a look at some pictures of this cricket bat that i am giving away to one lucky fan on the 30th of september 2010. You can view them at You can also click here and read more about it.

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