2012 All Out Cricket gear test results and whats in store for 2013

Every year All Out Cricket magazine hosts a cricket gear test at which they invite a few celebrities and few common blokes to come and test all the latest gear all the major brand have to offer. Here are the bat winners or at least the top 12 from 2012.

1. Kookaburra Kahuna Players

2. Salix Pod Performance

3. Bulldog growler

4. Gray-Nicolls Legend

5. Gray-Nicolls Oblivion Players

=6. Optimax KY-LE-Legend

=6. Millichamp & Hall Amplus

8. GM Epic DXM L.E

9. Bulldog Pedigree Plus

10. Boom Boom Signature 100

11. Slazenger V360 Ultimate

12. adidas Pellara Elite


And now i wanted to mention that our friends over at Hammer cricket have also sent a bat in for the test. The cricket bat they have sent in is one of their Hammer Hel 156 Limited edition cricket bats and we certainly wish them the best of luck. Im sure you will be able to follow their progress on their facebook page, just search for Hammercricket or cricket store online.


Best of luck Jason