One of the cool new feathures of the new V1200 besides the ” scoop ” is the Hex handle… slazenger describe it as a way to make the handle lighter and also reduce vibration. Our thought however is if the handle is lighter you would also have to make the bat lighter so that it doesnt affect the balance. making the bat lighter is not a good idea as you would have to shave off willow to do that. making the handle heavier is a better idea as it would help the balance of the bat the same way adding a second or third grip would do.


the scoop is an interesting feature but just looks like it was stolen from gray nicolls…but i am glad that slazenger are at least thinking outside of their comfort zone for a change and bringing in some cool gimmicks to help sell more bats.. well done slazenger.


Like the fact slazenger have used a brand new tech on this bat. they are the first major brand to use this TAS technology that was pioneered in australia. here is the TAS website link where you can find out more about the technology. . thanks to Tom from Cricket insight for finding that for me.

either way im keen to see the new bats in person from slazenger this coming year.