Top 10 Batting Gloves for 2016, 1-5

Top 10 Batting Gloves for 2016, 1-5

1. Kookaburra Kahuna 400 Batting Gloves


Kookaburra Kahuna 400 batting gloves

The Kookaburra Kahuna 400 Batting Gloves are a supremely versatile pair of batting gloves for 2016. They offer robust re-enforced protection. Have a tri-flex finger augmentation for extremely good flexibility and dexterity even when playing the more difficult shots. They are aesthetically a very pleasing pair of cricket batting gloves and at the price set by Cricket Store Online, it is hard to imagine that you will get a better cricket glove for your money in 2016.

2. GM 808 Batting Gloves

GM 808 batting gloves 2016

GM 808 batting gloves 2016

Hard to go wrong with a pair of GM Batting Gloves. You know that you are going to get a highly durable pair of cricket batting gloves. The GM 808 are an extremely well rounded pair of batting gloves. There is ample extra protection on the exposed index and middle finger of the bottom hand. High quality leather palm with plenty ventilation means that you can rest assured that these cricket batting gloves will give you control, grip and prevent masses of perspiration preventing control.

3. Kookaburra Blade 500 Batting Gloves


Kookaburra Blade 500 batting gloves

If you take a look at the different cricket gear and cricket equipment ranges as a whole for 2016, you will scantly find a more extensive range than that being put forward by Kookaburra. Coming in at number 3 on our list is the Kookaburra Blade 500 Batting Gloves. These are supreme batting gloves and rank up to all the highest standards for doing what gloves are meant to do, keep you fingers safe. At the same time the Kookaburra Blade 500 Batting Gloves are super good looking, super durable and super comfortable. This really does make for the complete package cricket batting glove.

4. GM 606 Batting Gloves

GM 606 batting gloves 2016

GM 606 batting gloves 2016

If you are buying on a budget then the GM 606 Cricket Batting Gloves are a very awesome pick for the 2016 cricket season. They have all the great trimmings and trappings that you come to expect from GM, great protection and breathability and the price tag is what to rejoice over. GM year in and year out produce great cricket gear in a great variety of price ranges and on the mid sector of the budget list, the GM 606 Batting Gloves for 2016 are clearly a winner.

5. GM Original LE Batting Gloves

GM original le batting gloves 2016

GM original le batting gloves 2016

These are the cream of the cricket batting gloves crop. This is what international top level professional Test Match cricketers go out to bat with when they use GM. LE means that they are limited due to the immense quality of the materials used in these cricket gloves. Supremely comfortable and made to the highest protection standards with the shock and blow absorbing PORON XRD technology, if your budget allows for it or you are a budding professional then you should be giving the GM Original LE cricket batting gloves serious thought for the 2016 season.

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Top Cricket Bats 2016 #5-#1 with a Twist

We continue the countdown of the best bats to look out for in 2016. We are comparing them to motor vehicles. Here is the final 5 on our list and these are the absolute F1 of cricket bats.

5. Hammer Kryo Cricket Bat-Porsche Cayenne

The Hammer Kryo is like the Porsche Cayenne because it is a utility cricket bat with a Porsche engine. It is superbly powerful and also superbly durable. It is much like the Hammer Patriot. Like the Porsche Cayenne it packs a lot of punch in a lightweight and aesthetically pleasing blade. Mid sweet spot and it differs from the Porsche in that it is a very fairly priced cricket bat for a truly world class batting experience.

4. GM Mana Original Cricket Bat-Bentley Continental

GM is the most reliable cricket bat manufacturer in the world. The GM Mana is their latest bat for 2016 and it is superb. It is impressive on the eye and oozes class much like the Bentley Continental. The GM Mana Original is made from Grade 1 English Willow and you can rest assured that GM gets the cream of the crop when it comes to the willow. Like a Bentley it is pleasing on the eye and luxurious to use (if that is possible for cricket bat). It has a superbly light pick-up and a mid sweet spot with virtually no flaws. It is flawless, want to bat with the Bentley cricket bat, then why not give the GM Mana Original a go for 2016. 

3. New Balance DC 1080 cricket bat-Audi A4

The Audi A4 is a classic car and their newest model is shaping up to be a very sought after commodity. The same can be said for the New Balance DC1080 cricket bat. In general, New Balance is the fastest growing cricket brand. Big marquee players like Steve Smith, Joe Root and Ben Stokes are really flying New Balance cricket equipment flag really high. This is for very good reason. Bats like the New Balance DC 1080 have very traditional look but with some great quirks. Quirks like the minimal concaving and the oh so sweet mid sweet spot. The New Balance DC 1080 should definitely be high on your list of sought after bats in 2016.

2. Adidas Pellara Elite Cricket Bat- Aston Martin

There is no doubting that from all the cricket bats available for 2016 the adidas Pellara Elite is one of the coolest cricket bats out there. If James Bond played cricket in 2016, he would use an adidas Pellara Elite. Besides for being an aesthetically  gorgeous cricket bat, it is an absolute high performance cricket bat. It has a slightly lower than middle sweet spot but great power has been imparted to a bat with a really superb balanced feel. This bat is a superb buy for the upcoming season.

1. The Kookaburra Ghost 500 cricket bat- Range Rover

The Kookaburra Ghost 500 is where extreme power and beauty meet. It is perhaps the most powerful in the vast range of cricket bats that has been produced for 2016 by Kookaburra. A slightly shorter blade and longer handle means that there is no bat built for power hitting like the Kookaburra Ghost 500. Superb English Willow and the super spine that grace all of Kookaburra’s bats and you have the complete luxury 4×4 of cricket bats. There is no better place than to scoop up one of these beauties today before they are gone. These will not last long.

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Top 10 Cricket Bats for 2016…with a twist. 10-6

Cricket gear Reviews ( CGR ) always wants you to know what is the best cricket equipment for the upcoming year and of course it is most important to start with the bats. Now many of us love and understand cars but cannot quite understand cricket bat specifications, so we at CGR have given these bats their car equivalents, for fun and to make things understandable to you.

10. Puma EvoSpeed Cricket Bat- BMW 3 Series

There is a lot to love about the Puma EvoSpeed cricket bat and not only the fact that it is endorsed by NZ captain Brendon McCullum. Like the 3 Series, when Adam Gilchrist was flaying bowling attacks, PUMA Cricket Bats were the gold standard of a cool cricket bat. The 3 series has lost some of its sheen in the sports sedan market and the same could be said for Puma as the cricket bat market becomes more and more crowded with great cricket bat brands and manufacturers. The BMW 3 Series has super pick-up and the same could be said for the Puma EVOspeed cricket bat. One of the EVOspeeds remarkable features is that it packs so much power with a very light pick-up and a well balanced feel. At number 10 on the list, the PUMA EvoSpeed is a great cricket bat for 2016 as is the BMW 3 Series.

9. The Affinity Spectre – Tesla Model S

Like all of Affinity’s cricket bats, the Spectre is a no frills and no fuss high performance cricket bat. It has a very traditional design and is not swayed by all those bat makers that are bulking up the edges. Affinity cricket bats are all about performance. The Affinity willow is superb and the hand craftsmanship on the Affinity Spectre is clear for all to see. A beautiful pick-up and balance. A lovely mid to slightly low sweet spot and of course superlative finishing for maximum power. And I guess that sums up the Tesla too, not the flashiest car on the road but so elegant and modern in its very own traditional way. Who wouldn’t want a Tesla? Who wouldn’t want an Affinity Spectre Cricket Bat

Affinity Cricket Website, click here.

8. The Kookaburra Kahuna Lite- Cricket Bat- Toyota Corolla

You would bet your cricket batting life that you are going to get a consistently great cricket bat, year after year when you buy a Kookaburra Kahuna Lite cricket bat. And the same rings so true for the ever reliable Toyota Corolla. The Kahuna is the spearhead of the Kookaburra range of cricket bats. The Kahuna Lite is made from Grade 4 English Willow and as such is great for a player that is looking to buy a bat for 2016 on a tighter budget. Like a Toyota Corolla, you always get so much more durability and reliability for your money with a Kookaburra Kahuna. The Kahuna Lite for 2016 has a slightly longer handle and a shorter blade. This makes the bat a lot more powerful because the batsman is allowed a faster bat swing. There you go, like the Corolla more powerful than you think.

Kookaburra website click here.

7. Affinity Carbine PRO Cricket Bat- Mercedes Benz CLA

Can you beat the Affinity Carbine PRO Cricket Bat? Well, can you beat the Benz? The Affinity Carbine PRO is made from the highest quality willow available, Grade 1 English Willow as it is known. It has a highly traditional shape but has some incredible crafting nuances that truly make it the “German Engineering” of cricket bats. There is scantly a dull spot on the entire blade of the Affinity Carbine cricket bat, just like their is scantly anything dull about any part of the Mercedes Benz CLA. There is no big hoo-ha about the edges of the Affinity Carbine PRO, the edges are fairly small but the Carbine PRO has some superb curvature, almost making it like an aerodynamic luxury sports car as the bat meets the ball. The batsman has maximum power as the wood crafting is so superb that the weight is so well distributed to increase swing speed and hence power. Not sure you can beat the Affinity Carbine PRO for 2016, not sure you could beat the Benz CLA, supremely well priced too.

6. Hammer Hel156 PRO Cricket Bat- Lexus ES

Lexus is as its name Acronyms, Luxury for the US. Toyota’s line of luxury cars. The Hammer HEL156 is by all accounts a superb cricket bat out of the US. Highly reliable and highly powerful, that is what makes the Hammer HEL156, one of the top selling cricket bats in the USA. The same could be said for the Lexus ES.The Hel156 PRO cricket bat is made like all of Hammer’s PRO cricket bats from the best Grade 1 English Willow. Players in the USA and all over the world love the incredible weight distribution and pick-up on the Hammer HEL 156 cricket bat. The mid sweet spot like the Lexus ES compliments many drivers, the Hammer HEL 156 compliments hookers, pullers, cutters, sweepers, sloggers and all other types of batsman too. Whether you love the front foot or the back foot, the well priced Hammer Hel 156 Cricket Bat is a great cricket bat choice for 2016.

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Can Cricket Bat Makers trick HotSpot?

Can Cricket Bat Makers trick HotSpot?

hot spot cricket bat

Hot Spot uses Infra Reed thermal imaging to determine whether a batsman has hit the ball or not. The science of it is simple but smart. The camera will pick up the heat of where the ball has just hit, therefore an edge on the bat of the batsman will show up brighter on these cameras, thus allowing the 3rd umpire to know if the batsman has snicked the ball or not. So Can Cricket Bat Makers trick HotSpot?

Now, the BCCI, who govern the game in India and India being the biggest cricket playing nation in the world, do not believe in the whole DRS. The DRS is the decision review system whereby a captain or player under certain rules can ask for an on-field umpire decision to be reviewed by a television umpire. There have been many instances of controversy surrounding the DRS and with Hot Spot but nevertheless it has widely been accepted as the best there is to determine whether the ball has hit the cricket bat or not. This is important for both caught behind and the Leg Before Wicket decisions. 

But what if the Cricket bat makers can create a film on the bat that will not be picked up by Hot Spot. We obviously do not condone cheating at all, ever, but this is an interesting concept to ponder.

It is known that Mylar Thermal Blankets have the capabilities of blocking Infra-Red from picking up heat detection. While Mylar is an easily seen material, it would be interesting to see if something less conspicuous can be placed on the face and edges of the batsman’s bat. The material will obviously have to be in a way that it does not effect the performance of the bat.

Cricket Bat Makers are one of the most skilled craftsmen in the world. Not only that, they have the finger on the pulse of everything that is technologically necessary for their trade. This may not be a bridge too far for them too cross to find out how to beat the technology whizzes at Hot Spot.

So while the DRS debate goes on, who knows we may have a new kind of cricket rivalry on our hands.

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GR7 Original Cricket Bat

GR7 Original Cricket Bat

There is scantly a cricket bat brand that is not covered by us here at Cricket Gear Reviews. The GR7 is a very exciting cricket brand and it is receiving rave reviews for very good reason. It is truly a fantastic cricket bat.

GR7 Gary Rich photo

It has all the credentials and foundations of a superb professional level cricket bat but aside from that it also has all the trimmings and trappings of the truly explosive modern day cricket bats. For starters it is made from Grade 1 English Willow. These smaller bespoke bat makers like GR7 are often afforded the luxury of their bat makers selecting all of their premium willow by themselves. This means that the pod shaver is one hundred per cent happy with the grade of the willow he is working with.

GR7 in all out cricket magazine

The sweet spot on the GR7 Original Cricket Bat is as middle as it comes. This is a highly traditional cricket bat and has a lot in common with one of the best brands of cricket bat in the world, the Affinity line of cricket bats. The striking similarity between the bats is the fact that both Affinity and GR7 have taken a step back from the really massive edges and gone for a bat that is well weighted and willow driven. The edges on this bat are between 28mm and 33mm, but the bat packs a punch of epic proportions. 

GR 7 clefts in the raw

The standard grip that is fitted on the GR7 Original cricket bat is pure white and Chevron design. The chevron design is known for providing good grip and comfort to the batsman. 

The bat has a weight range of about 2lbs8oz to 2lbs13oz. Yet the balance and overall pickup of the bat is superb. It feels a lot less than it actually is and all the effort has gone in to give maximum amounts of power to every area of the cricket bat.

Traditional in shape with slight concaving and a cambered bat face. All in all, the GR7 Original cricket bat is a masterpiece and well worth its price tag.

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