SS cricket Moulded Fielding Pads

SS cricket Moulded Fielding Pads

Close in fielders need to protect themselves. The standard protection for a really close in fielder would be a cricket helmet, an abdo guard and a great pair of fielding pads. There are very few fielding pads on the cricket equipment market that are as effective and as light as the SS Molded Fielding Pads.

These pads fit very comfortably under the trousers of the fielder. They are super lightweight and have very comfortable velcro padded straps that means that the fielder can barely feel that he is wearing a pair of fielding pads. While the fielder may not be able to feel that he is wearing the SS molded fielding pads, these pads offer great protection for areas that would otherwise be vulnerable.

One of the major factors of these cricket fielding pads is the fact that they are molded. Molded meaning that they contour to the shape of the fielders leg. This is a huge asset as it assists in comfort and protection. A molded pad makes the fielder more flexible and free whether it is to dive and lunge for the ball or it is to chase a ball. It also aids in the protection as the molded shape means that the maximum amount of body area can be protected.

The SS Molded Fielding pads are highly durable and all the components are built to high standards. These are great for a club or team to own to be used by the fielder designated to do the close-in fielding. And while it is always a bit of a short stick to be given those “silly” fielding positions, if you offer the fielder protection at least he will know you have him covered…..well kind of.

GM Original L.E Wicketkeeper Gloves

GM Original L.E Wicketkeeper Gloves

The GM Original L.E Wicketkeeper gloves are Test cricket level wicketkeeping gloves. Everything about these wicketkeeping gloves is to the absolute best that the cricket industry has to offer.

What is a wicketkeeper looking for in his gloves?

1. Protection

This is obviously the first on the list. The wicketkeeper will be wearing these gloves to protect his hands and fingers from damage from the ball. This is not only single impact damage but damage that can come about from repetitive impacts. The wrist of the keeper is protected by the caned square cuff of the GM Original LE Wicketkeeper gloves. The cotton palm filling provides extra cushioning to protect from repetitive damage. The embossed finger tabs cover over the unique impact protection that goes into every finger.

2. Comfort

A wicketkeeper is looking for comfort in his wicketkeeping gloves and the GM Original LE Wicketkeeping gloves delivers on that front too. The Sheepskin Luxury leather and high comfort inner of the glove mean that this glove is as comfortable as it gets when it comes to wearing cricket keeping gloves. There is also a lot of ventilation and breathability in these gloves.

3. Grip

A keeper wants to be able to grip the ball and grab the ball easily. These gloves first of all meet all ICC standards for the webbing. The neoprene high grip is perhaps the best gripping available in wicketkeeping gloves and that is what is in the palm of the GM Original LE Wicketkeeping Gloves.

These wicketkeeping gloves are best served with wicketkeeping inners.

Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet

Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet

A recent furor arose in the UK as Alistair Cook the captain of England’s cricket team refused to comply with the English Cricket Board and wear a helmet that complies with the latest BSI standards for cricket helmets. Cook wears a Gray Nicolls cricket helmet. It seems absurd that the captain of the team should have to be begged to comply with standards that are designed to save the lives of players. Cook ought to consider that he is setting a role model standard for youngsters and should comply.


Cook should be looking to wear a cricket helmet like the Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet. There is no better piece of cricket head protective equipment than this helmet. It has a fairly pricey tag on it but consider that it is what you are using to protect the engine of your life and perhaps that puts some perspective.

The Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet is of course at its optimum when used in conjunction with the Masuri stem guard. The stem guard is a unique piece that protects the neck of the batsman.

The revolutionary eye line Grille means that the batsman has a good view of the ball when playing his shots. The strategically placed air flow vents means that there is very good ventilation for the batsman to enjoy. The amount of protection as compared to the weight of the helmet is also very impressive. 

The ball cannot fit through the grille of this helmet and the grille of this helmet is made out of sturdy titanium. Consider that the new BSI standards tested specifically for the ability of a ball to fit through the grille at high velocity and the Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet came up absolutely trumps. 

If you value what is important in your life and you put that in consideration, then you would be well advised to highly consider buying the Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet.