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We have a very special package deal available to anyone in the USA. Cricket is growing bigger and bigger every year and unfortunately our budget is getting smaller and smaller. I have put together and awesome package deal that is great for anyone starting the game again after a long layoff from the game or anyone that just isnt to serious about the game but wants some kit to be able to have a game of cricket with your friends.

here are some pictures of the gear.

kookaburra ccx cricket bat

Kookaburra ccx 200 cricket bat

kookaburra ccx gloves

kookaburra ccx batting gloves

kookaburra ccx batting pads

kookaburra ccx batting pads

kookaburra ccx thigh pad

kookaburra ccx thigh pad

kookaburra ccx thigh pad

kookaburra ccx thigh pad

gray nicolls cricket shoes / footwear

gray nicolls players rubber sole cricket shoes

abdomen protector

abdomen protector

This is really and awesome deal for any avid cricketer. The bat is english willow so it is good for use with regulation cricket ball or tapeball or hard tennis ball. As you can see in this set is :

1 x cricket bat

1 x cricket batting gloves

1 x cricket batting pads

1 x cricket bag

1 x cricket shoes

1 x abdomen protector

1 x thigh pad

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call on 1.888.470.4746 or email me at You can also view all my products at

thanks for your time. tell all your friends about my store.