• Made of Premium Grade unbleached English Willow.
  • Designed for players who play shots all-round the ground both off front and back foot.
  • Super light pick with extended mid-blade swell has scope of quick run scoring all around the ground.
  • Comes with a factory installed toe-cap to protect the bat.
  • The perfect bat for the player looking for concentrated driving power.
  • Available in sizes SH & LH and three different weight ranges as Light, Medium & heavy.
  • Comes with latest deign Graphics sticker which gives the bat an aesthetic and beautiful look.

Sweet Spot

The Sweet spot is located at the middle to the top of the blade and it suit players to play all-round the ground easily.  The bat is designed to generate more power to shots played from the middle of the bat if not higher. The weight of the spin generates a balance point that suits both pulling and sweeping shots played.

Bat profile

            The bat has a flat face profile and square edge profile. The edges of the bat are larger and measures nearly 40 mm in size. The square profile and big edges helps to get maximum reach and power. It has an excellent pick up with different weight range of bats. These bats possess a mid profile spine.

Scallop and Bow

Scallops present at either sides of the spine extend the apex and maximize the edge profile without increasing the weight of the bat. The scallop is a slightly concave profile. The bow is designed in such a way that the hands are placed ahead of the ball while striking and it induces good stroke play. The bow is approximately 8-10 mm in size.

Handle and Grip

It has an oval-shaped handle with an Octopus grip. The handle is made of imported cane and is slightly octagon rather than round in shape thus providing more power, balance and grip.

Adidas Libro Cricket Bat 2019 – Specifications

Edge Profile: Squared

Edge Thickness: 40 mm (approx.)

Face Profile: Flat

Sweet Spot: Mid-blade

Spine Profile: Mid-spine Profile

Scallop: Slightly concave

Bow:  8 mm to 10 mm


This bat comes in three different weight ranges as follows

Light weight – 2 lb 6 oz to 2 lb 9 oz

Medium weight – 2 lb 9 oz to 2 lb 12 oz

Heavy weight – 2 lb 13 oz +

Available Models

Adidas Libro 1.0

Adidas Libro 2.0

Adidas Libro 3.0

Adidas Libro 4.0

Adidas Libro 5.0

Currently Endorsed Players

Stuart Broad (England)

David Willey (England)

Previous endorsed players

Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Kevin Pieterson (England)