• Made of Premium Grade unbleached English Willow.
  • Designed for players who play shots late outsmarting bowlers on the back foot especially.
  • Balanced smooth pick-up combines with swelled mid bat gives exceptional power to pull and hook shots.
  • The perfect bat for the player who dominates through shot selection and good decision making.
  • Available in sizes 4-6 & LH and two different weight ranges as Light & medium.
  • Available in two different colors- White & black.
  • Comes with latest deign Graphics sticker which gives the bat an aesthetic and beautiful look.

Sweet Spot

The Sweet spot is located at the middle to the lower part of the blade and it is designed for players with all shots in the arsenal.  The bat is shaped for power and is absolutely brutal. The large mid-blade swell gives the best driving force in the front foot. Even the mistimed shots will shoot away to the boundary.

Bat profile

            The bat has a rounded face profile with bigger edges. The edges of the bat measures about 36 mm to 40 mm in size. This bat has an excellent balanced and smooth pick-up. These bats are made with full spine profile to give more power to the shots.

Scallop and Bow

Scallops present at the sides of the spine extend from the apex and maximize the edge profile without increasing the weight of the bat. The scallop is a slightly concave profile. The bow is designed in such a way that the hands are placed ahead of the ball while striking and it induces good stroke play. This bat has a low bow and measures about 10 mm in size.

Handle and Grip

It has an oval-shaped handle with an Octopus grip. The handle is made of nine piece imported cane and it gives very light pick up and secure feel.


Adidas XT Cricket Bat 2019 – Specifications

Edge Thickness: 36 mm to 40 mm (approx.)

Face Profile: Round

Sweet Spot: Mid-blade to low blade

Spine Profile: Full-spine Profile

Bow:  10 mm


This bat comes in two different weight ranges as follows

Light weight – 2 lb 7 oz to 2 lb 8 oz

Medium weight – 2 lb 9 oz to 2 lb 10 oz

Available Models

Adidas XT 2.0 Cricket bat 2019

Adidas XT 3.0 Cricket bat 2019

Adidas XT 4.0 Cricket bat 2019

Adidas XT Elite Cricket bat 2019

Currently Endorsed Players

Johnny Bairstow (England)

Sam Curran (England)