The Affinity Carbine Cricket Bat

There are many new brands of cricket bats that are really making waves in the market. Brands like Hammer and Affinity. These bats are superbly crafted and rank up there with the finest GM, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls and other big name cricket bats on the market.

The Affinity Carbine Cricket Bat is an absolute gem of a cricket bat. It has everything any batsman may want from a cricket bat and is well priced. The Affinity Carbine is all about providing maximum willow mass through the ball, to ensure the batsmen is hitting the ball with maximized power.
The Affinity Carbine has many other beautiful features including superb aesthetic looks. It has very clean sticker placements accentuating the beauty of the willow used in making the bat.
If you are going to be judging the performance of a cricket bat based on the size of the edges, as many people erroneously do, you may overlook the Affinity Carbine cricket bat. The Affinity expert bat makers have placed a huge focus on providing maximum power in the middle and also providing a beautifully weighted bat, hence the slightly smaller edges.
Affinity Juggernaut cricket kit bag

Affinity Juggernaut cricket kit bag

This bat may appeal to players who play on slightly bouncier pitches. This is because the middle hitting-zone of the bat is in the middle to upper part of the bat.
On the whole, this superbly priced cricket bat is a great buy for players of any skill level. New bat makers like Hammer and Affinity have made huge strides to produce a truly competitive cricket bat. The Affinity Carbine is definitely a brand to be watched in the future.