Affinity cricket Ayrtek edition cricket bat

Speaking with the creators of this Affinity Ayrtek edition cricket bat i asked one question. The question was if you could describe this bat to me in 2 minutes what would you say. The answer went something like this.

@Ayrtekcricket company has a number of professional cricketers using their highly specialised state of the art Ayrtel cricket helmets and they needed to partner with a specialist who makes high quality professional grade cricket bats that can stand up to the demands of county, list A, 1st class and international grade cricket. The majority of their users are top end batsman and tend to need a bat with above average performance and also have strong enough shoulders and edges to fend off the quicker bowlers at the beginning of an innings. Taking these two performance factors in mind Affinity cricket together with Ayrtek cricket came up with the Affinity cricket Ayrtek edition cricket bat.

Having already supplied cricket bats for Ayrtek professionals, Affinity cricket gained valuable feedback from the players and observations of county/international pitches to create a cricket bat to suit that environment. Other professionals also gave input into what was required of a cricket bat at this level and when facing 90mph + opening bowlers on a variety of pitches. Thicker shoulders and a mid high swell were the first notes made, a little concaving was a compromise to allow the edge to remain thick and parallel with the spine from top to bottom. This helped balance a bat capable of both defense and attack and complete the Affinity range and provide Ayrtek with a cricket bat that meets their requirements for the elite level player.

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