Affinity Cricket Bats

The bespoke cricket bat is becoming a buzz word in the cricket gear world. As a huge movement pulls away from the inferior bulk machine made cricket bats, brands like Affinity Cricket and Hammer Cricket are popping up with fantastically crafted cricket bats. These bats fill the void of superbly handcrafted cricket bats and give consumers far more options in terms of buying a high quality hand crafted cricket bat.

The Affinity cricket range includes bats with various specifications that are made to suit various playing styles and pitch conditions. The Affinity Carbine and the Affinity Spectre cricket bats are two fantastically crafted cricket bats. The weight distribution is superb and thought gone into crafting these great cricket bats is immense. Weights are precise and the balance is also great. The willow is of the highest quality and cricket lovers can really get their hands on a high end bespoke boutique cricket bat at a fraction of the price of what it may normally cost.
Brands such as Affinity cricket is definitely a step towards where the future of cricket bat buying and making is heading. Consumers will look out for these hand crafted bats that are made with care and due diligence before purchasing a generic machine made bat, no matter the cricket brand name.