Affinity Spectre cricket bat review

The Affinity spectre cricket bat is something special. Its not your run of the mill mass produced off the shelf cricket bat. Its a cricket bat that was designed and hand crafted entirely in England. Its years of dreaming, sanding, polishing, pressing and then starting over and doing it all again till its right. The Affinity Spectre is not “just ” a cricket bat. Its a professional grade, performance guaranteed, impressive cricket bat which somehow outclasses even the big boys who have been doing this for hundreds of years.

Now that ive used the spectre cricket bat in the nets i can attest to a few things.

A: Even though its 2.13 i would give it a pickup index of -2…What that means is that it feels 2oz lighter than it is on the scale. Only they know how they managed to do that as its not a simple undertaking.

B: The bat pings very very low down on the blade. Part of the reason for this is the unique design which extends the spine and exaggerates it all the way to the toe. It also is partially due to literally hand selection timber that has the right qualities.

Another thing i love about the bat is that it only has 30mm edges. In a world that is obsessed with edge size over things like balance, performance, pick up and playability its refreshing to see someone going against the mainstream way of thinking and rather producing something that works, rather than what people think they want.

Each Affinity cleft is examined, weighed & hand picked to be a certain type of cricket bat. Its not just a stack of clefts run down the production line and lets hope and pray some decent bats come out at the end of the day. You can be assured that your money is well spent on a top quality cricket bat and performance and satisfaction is guaranteed. Not many brands out there will guarantee that.

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