Boom Boom Blaze 175 cricket bat

So far i have been really impressed with the new Boom Boom cricket bats. The fact is that Boom Boom is actually a company called UK based company called Essentials 99. They have been making cricket equipment for quite some time and are in the process of setting up their own factory in india.

As of recently i really like the Boom Boom bats and have now also added it to my own kit bag. The boom boom bats come in three different wood grades. the 175 range is grade 1, the 150’s are grade 2 and the 130’s are grade 3 english willow.

This is the Blaze 175  cricket bat which means it is the mid sized bat. average profile so you get bats that are medium  weight and heavy weight. All of the Boom Boom bats only come with 1 grip and some come with a toe guard. They also do not come with a bat cover. this is an attempt to keep costs down and make sure their bats stay affordable. With the top of the line 2010 boom boom bat only costing $350 USD it is much better priced than any other bat maker.

Whilst you don’t get the same manufacturing quality as say a Newbery at the end of the day the willow is the same and will hit the ball just as far, if not further. I like the raw quality of these new boom boom bats and am very impressed.

– Available in Grade 1 English Willow
– Top quality 9 piece cane handle
– 2lb 8oz – 2lb 13oz weight range
– Mid to low sweet spot
Massive edges and a high spine give this bat a huge confidence boosting profile. The slight concave scooping either side of the spine, gentle bow and slightly higher sweet spot allow for an amazing ‘pick up’ with this bat.

Like i said, i really like these new Blaze cricket bats from boom boom and you can buy with confidence. call me on 1.888.470.4746 or email me at