Can Cricket Bat Makers trick HotSpot?

hot spot cricket bat

Hot Spot uses Infra Reed thermal imaging to determine whether a batsman has hit the ball or not. The science of it is simple but smart. The camera will pick up the heat of where the ball has just hit, therefore an edge on the bat of the batsman will show up brighter on these cameras, thus allowing the 3rd umpire to know if the batsman has snicked the ball or not. So Can Cricket Bat Makers trick HotSpot?

Now, the BCCI, who govern the game in India and India being the biggest cricket playing nation in the world, do not believe in the whole DRS. The DRS is the decision review system whereby a captain or player under certain rules can ask for an on-field umpire decision to be reviewed by a television umpire. There have been many instances of controversy surrounding the DRS and with Hot Spot but nevertheless it has widely been accepted as the best there is to determine whether the ball has hit the cricket bat or not. This is important for both caught behind and the Leg Before Wicket decisions. 

But what if the Cricket bat makers can create a film on the bat that will not be picked up by Hot Spot. We obviously do not condone cheating at all, ever, but this is an interesting concept to ponder.

It is known that Mylar Thermal Blankets have the capabilities of blocking Infra-Red from picking up heat detection. While Mylar is an easily seen material, it would be interesting to see if something less conspicuous can be placed on the face and edges of the batsman’s bat. The material will obviously have to be in a way that it does not effect the performance of the bat.

Cricket Bat Makers are one of the most skilled craftsmen in the world. Not only that, they have the finger on the pulse of everything that is technologically necessary for their trade. This may not be a bridge too far for them too cross to find out how to beat the technology whizzes at Hot Spot.

So while the DRS debate goes on, who knows we may have a new kind of cricket rivalry on our hands.

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