Yuvraj Singh’s Bat Sponsor

YouWeCan – An Initiative by a true champion

As you will have noticed in IPL 10, Yuvraj Singh has a new bat sponsor. Yuvraj has used quite a few different bat sponsors over the years but the back of Yuvraj’s bat which “YouWeCan” is a give away as to what his new cricket bat is promoting.

When Yuvraj is in full flight, there are few players that make clearing the boundary look as elegant and as easy. It is like yesterday that we remember Yuvraj at Kingsmead in Durban launching Stuart Broad for six sixes.


Since that time when Yuvi set the T20 record in Durban, he has battled off the cricket field as well. That was of course the battle against cancer. Yuvraj overcame that and has since opened a foundation call the “YouWeCan” to assist cancer patients in India.

What was critical in Yuvraj overcoming cancer was the fact that the cancer was detected early. The Yuvraj Singh Foundation through the YouWeCan initiative seeks to help Indians get early detection on cancers so that they too, can have a better shot at survival.

The foundation has other initiatives which assist in lowering the stigmas that may be surrounding people with terminal illness and assisting cancer patients.

While many cricketers in India have foundations, as a cancer survivor this is an initiative that is no doubt something that is very real and very close to home for Yuvraj.

There is few better ways to raise awareness for your organization than to hoist your bat with the foundations initiative logo during the country’s most watched tournament.

Indian cricket fans love the minor details in the game, like which player is using which bat and they have no doubt gained a new awareness for the Yuvraj Singh Foundation since he started using the YouWeCan cricket bat.

The 4 IPL Hundreds So Far

As the IPL turns for the business end of the group stages, we take a look at the 4 centuries that have been scored in the current edition of the IPL, VIVO IPL 10.

Sanju Samson- Delhi Daredevils


The first hundred of the IPL was scored by Sanju Samson. Samson’s career has mirrored somewhat this edition of the IPL. He burst on to the scene and has since fizzled out. When we first saw Sanju Samson he was using an MRF cricket bat, he is currently using an SS Ton. Despite scoring a century, Samson has been slightly overshadowed by Rishabh Pant. Pant is of course a former India u19 superstar. Pant is one of the rising stars in who is an endorsed professional using SG cricket bats and SG cricket equipment.

Hashim Amla- Kings XI Punjab


Hashim Amla has very much of a Jacques Kallis feel to him. He has proven that he is an outstanding T20 cricketer in the IPL, much like Kallis did for the KKR. Amla’s century further underlined his ability to be an awesome T20 player especially when the field is up, in taking advantage of gaps. Best of all is that he does it without playing a shot in anger. When we first saw Hashim Amla on the international cricket scene he was using Kookaburra cricket equipment and Kookaburra cricket bats. But now for the longest time he has been using BAS cricket bats which used to be under the brand Vampire.

David Warner- Sunriser Hydrebad


Is there any cricketer that is more suited to IPL than David Warner. In the Test series versus India, Warner had a very lean run but he has shown glimpses of the best in the IPL. His switch hits have been as good as anyone in the game. With his magnificent hundred, he once again proved why he is one of the most sought after T20 professionals. Warner of course uses the cricket bat that he developed along with Gray Nicolls, the Gray Nicolls Kaboom.

Ben Stokes- Rising Pune Supergiants

It is the first time we are seeing a lot of Englishmen in the IPL. For the most part, many of the Englishmen have been medium to disappointing. Tymal Mills was not the revelation he was hoped to be and Joss Buttler has blown hot and cold. Ben Stokes has been box office hit though. Ben Stokes scored his hundred to get his team out of a difficult situation, Ben-Stokes

his shot selection and bowler selection was excellent. Stokes of course uses New Balance cricket equipment and he has fared fairly well with the ball too.

How many hundreds do you think the IPL still has in store?

SG Cricket Bats Sponsored Stars Storming the IPL #1

Gautam Gambhir

SG Cricket Bats Sponsored Star Gambhir Takes the Orange Cap

As the Group Stages of the VIVO IPL comes to the business end, the outstanding performers are becoming quite clear. One of those outstanding performers is Kolkata Knight Riders captain Gautam Gambhir. After 8 games in the IPL, Gambhir tops the run scoring charts with his SG cricket bat and as such wears the prestigious IPL Orange Cap.

Kolkata:KKR batsman Gautam Gambhir plays a shot during 10th edition IPL Match against Kings XI Punjab in Kolkata on Thursday.PTI Photo by Ashok Bhaumik(PTI4_13_2017_000247B)

Kolkata:KKR batsman Gautam Gambhir plays a shot during 10th edition IPL Match against Kings XI Punjab in Kolkata on Thursday.PTI Photo by Ashok Bhaumik(PTI4_13_2017_000247B)

Those who have been watching the IPL would be impressed at Gambhir’s comfort with which he has scored freely and responsibly during the IPL 2017. Cricket gear and cricket bat lovers will also notice that Gambhir is batting with the SG Players Edition cricket -bat.

Gambhir is a fine example of the versatility that the SG Players Edition cricket bat offers. You have the incredibly light weight pick-up which is great for the deft touches and caress type of strokes. We have seen a few of these from Gambhir with either a delicate late-cut or a crisp flick of the pads. Yet, the SG Players Edition Cricket Bat also has all the willow and craftsmanship necessary to play the expansive shots that clear the boundary with ease.

Gambhir has been devastating with some of his slog sweeps over the leg side and he has been particularly pleasing when playing the big shot inside-out on the off side.

Gambhir has not only batted beautifully but he has also captained the KKR very well. Many fans felt that Kolkata would miss the prowess of star West Indian Andre Russel but as it turns out they have performed brilliantly without him.

It remains to be seen whether Gambhir and his KKR team have the wherewithal to be the IPL Champions for 2017 but one thing is for sure they are definitely making a very good effort of it. Currently they look like one of the toughest teams to beat.

Odd Pieces of Cricket Equipment

Dennis Lillee’s Combat

Lillee with his ComBat – The Age


In December of 1979, Dennis Lillee came out to bat with an aluminum cricket bat. The cricket bat was named the ComBat. The umpires stepped in and asked Lillee to replace his aluminum cricket bat with something of the willow ilk. Lillee was unimpressed with the umpire’s decision and threw the ComBat away in disgust. It was feared that the aluminum bat would cause damage to the ball.

John Mooney’s Helmet at Cricket World Cup 2015

John Mooney’s Helmet at Cricket World Cup 2015

John Mooney’s Helmet at Cricket World Cup 2015

Irish all-rounder John Mooney came up with his own unique helmet. This was in response to the fact that cricket helmets were not protecting the neck of cricketers. Mooney who was using an Albion cricket helmet at the time, placed a grille on the back of his helmet to protect his neck. Since this, cricket helmet manufacturers like Masuri and Shrey have manufactured  Stem Guards and Neck Protectors that fit on to the back of the helmet.

Graeme Smith’s Glove in the Sydney Test Match

Mitchell Johnson broke Graeme Smith’s hand in the first innings of the Sydney Test Match of 2009. However, needing to save the Test match for his side, Smith came out to bat in the 2nd innings at number 11. Smith had a reengineered batting glove to protect his broken hand. The physio and backroom staff of the Protea’s took apart a glove and stitched it and taped it to another glove. This essentially gave Smith double protection on the broken hand.

The Fiber Glass Motorcycle Helmet

Dennis Amiss bats in the nets with a helmet before the second Packer Supertest in Melbourne, December 1978 © Getty Images

Dennis Amiss bats in the nets with a helmet before the second Packer Supertest in Melbourne, December 1978 © Getty Images

Dennis Amiss received jeers and booing from the crowd when he came out to bat with a fiber glass motorcycle helmet. The helmet was much lighter than a regular motorcycle helmet but looked the exact same.

Keeper Gloves, here are our Top 5 for 2017

Wicket keeper gloves are an essential piece of cricket equipment. The development of the wicket keeper glove has come a long way. Nowadays many of the great cricket equipment manufacturers are producing quite incredible wicketkeeping gloves. Continue reading

See Whats new in the SG Cricket Gear 2017 range?

SG has produced some superb cricket gear for 2017. There is a lot of SG Cricket Gear to choose from with great quality cricket bats, cricket gloves, cricket shoes and cricket padsWe have done our best to help you out and present 5 stand out pieces of cricket gear from SG in 2017.

1.      SG Player Edition Cricket Bat 2017

SG Cricket Gear

This is the crème de la crème of SG Cricket Bats. It is made with superior limited edition English Willow. It has a very light pick up and huge edges. The mid to low sweet spot gives the bat great balance and immense power. This is the very same type of cricket bat that would be used by an SG professionally contracted cricketer, this SG Cricket Gear it is that good!

2.      SG Sunny Legend Cricket Bat 2017

sg cricket gear

The Sunny range of SG cricket bats are of course named after the great Sunil Gavaskar. The SG Sunny cricket bats have for a long while been a favorite among cricketers. The power and performance from the oval shaped handle is immense. A mid to low sweet spot with huge power in every area of the bat with premier English Willow make the SG Sunny Legend cricket bat, a SG Cricket Gear option for 2017. 

3.      SG RSD Select Cricket Bat

sg cricket gear

SG has done a superb job in giving variation in their cricket bat range. This includes variation in price. The SG RSD select cricket bat has great specifications with impeccable sweet spot and great hitting power. The bat is made with English Willow and has a very budget friendly price. The quality of the willow is what influences the price but SG Cricket Gear have really done a superb job to keep the price as low as it is on the SG RSD Select Cricket Bat. 

4.      RSD Supalite Batting Pad

sg cricket gear

It is not only on the cricket bat front that SG has excelled for 2017. SG has done remarkably well with their softs and protective gear ranges. One of the stand out pieces of gear in the protective gear range from SG is the SG RSD Supalite Batting Pad. The best feature of this cricket batting pad is suggested in the name itself. They are extremely light. The extreme lightness of these cricket batting pads does not have any adverse effect on how incredibly protective they are. They are also very durable. 

5.      SG Test Batting Gloves

sg cricket gear

If you are looking for the best cricket batting gloves on the market as loved by many international professionals then the SG Test Batting Gloves are a must-have for this season. The gloves have lots of great protection with added protection on the vulnerable fingers of the bottom hand. They also have great breathability with ventilation and also premium leather palms to ensure that the SG Test batting gloves last a long time. 

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CA Tennis Ball Cricket Bat

CA Tennis Ball Cricket Bat


So, you are a beginner to the game of cricket and have probably begun playing with a tape ball or a tennis ball. This is a very good move, starting off with a tape or Tennis Ball Cricket Bat before moving on to the real hard leather cricket ball, will ensure that you have adequate bat skills before you have to face the hard ball.

Tennis Ball Cricket Bat
This also means that you have to find a bat that will perform with the tape and tennis balls. Many people falsely think that any old bat would do. This is not so, as you probably want to use something a little less expensive, but still something that gives you the feeling of wielding a real cricket bat. This is why the CA Somo Cricket Bat 2014 is a great beginners bat.
It is sturdy and gives the batsman the feeling of a real cricket bat but is specially crafted for optimum play on a tennis or tape ball. CA’s 2014 range is superlative and they have left no market unchartered. The fact that they have gone the lengths to engineer a bat like the Somo with specific tape ball credentials is something worth marveling at.
If this season you will be facing a tape ball before you move up into the cricketing big leagues, the CA Somo Cricket Bat is a great bat to own. It is priced well and also makes for the perfect backyard cricket bat. If treated properly and protected from the elements, there is no reason why the CA Somo Tape Ball Cricket Bat should not last a lifetime.
To shop for Tennis Ball Cricket Bats i recommend checking out Cricket Store Online.

2012 GM cricket batting gloves and helmets

2012 GM cricket batting gloves and helmets

New 2012 GM cricket batting gloves and the new Pro cricket helmet.



2012 GM original limited edition cricket batting gloves

GM original limited edition cricket batting gloves


I really liked the new 2012 GM original limited edition batting gloves. I found the Pittards leather to be very soft and comfortable yet it still allowed for supremem control of the cricket bat. Over all they seemed a bit loose on me and i would probably use a set of batting inners if i were to use these gloves in a match.


The construction and design were also very good with the extra protection on the two bowling fingers. There is plenty of top quality leather on these gloves and that adds to the light weight design of the gloves. lots of vents spread around the gloves so we, here in texas dont over heat during the very hot summers and also lots of extra protection so your hands and fingers dont get jammed up against the bat handle if the ball bounces a little higher than expected.


Overall a very good set of cricket batting gloves great for any level even international test level.

GM 2012 original limited edition cricket batting gloves 2


GM 808 2012 cricket batting gloves


GM 808 cricket batting gloves 2012


These are the new 2012 GM 808 cricket batting gloves and are basically a cheaper version of the GM original limited edition gloves. The over quality is still very high and these are a high club or county level glove. Still very light and comfortable its just the type of materials used that make these gloves cheaper. Some examples are instead of these gloves being 0.440g like the Original LE’s these gloves are a little heavier at 0.535 g for the pair.


Also instead of the Pittard leather these 808 batting gloves are calf leather.


Overall though i would say that these gloves are still very good and if you cant afford the expensive originals i would just get these 808’s as they are still adequate for any normal persons cricket.

GM 808 2012 cricket batting gloves 2


GM Pro helmet 2012


2012 GM pro cricket helmet


This is the new adition to the GM helmets for the 2012 season.Some of the notables for this helmet are :


These helmets will be available in junior, senior and senior large sizes.


There is a rear velcro strap that lets you adjust the overall size of the helmet so you get an exact fit.

The new construction material of the helmet piece has increased the stiffness of the peak making sure a ball cannot squeeze through and overall comfort has been improved.


A classic style helmet ready for any challenge you throw at it.



GM 2012 pro cricket helmet 2

GM 2012 pro cricket helmet 3




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Top 10 Cricket Batting Gloves for 2016 #6-10

Top 10 Batting Gloves for 2016 #6-10

6. Hammer PRO Batting Gloves

Hammer has been making waves since their inception with some top of the line cricket gear. The Hammer PRO Batting Gloves are a high quality pair of batting gloves. The palm of the Hammer PRO Batting Gloves is made of pittard leather. It does not get more durable and comfortable than that. As an added extra bonus, these PRO Batting Gloves come in a wide variety of colors. The high absorption material and the quality sweatband round out a great pair of cricket batting gloves. This is a top pick and they are available at under $79.

Hammer pro batting gloves

7. PUMA White Edition Batting Gloves

The PUMA EvoSpeed White Edition Cricket Batting Gloves are a superb pair of Test Match quality and test match performance professional cricket batting gloves. Everything about these cricket batting gloves screams class and high protection. There is an extreme amount of ventilation points even on the thumbs, which is a rarity for cricket batting gloves. The fingers have an additional fibre shield protection to ensure that they are as protective as can be. The look of the glove is super sleek and the pittard leather palm ensures that they are a top durability cricket glove.

Puma white edition batting gloves

Puma white edition batting gloves

8. Hammer Core Batting Gloves

Yet another high quality cricket gear product from Hammer Cricket. The Hammer Core Batting Gloves are a club level of cricket batting gloves. The palm is made from high quality leather. The highlight of these gloves is the fact that they are super flexible without compromising an iota on being highly protective cricket batting glove. At under 50 dollars this is yet another huge value for money cricket product from Hammer Cricket.

Hammer core batting gloves

Hammer core batting gloves

9. Kookaburra Onyx PRO Batting Gloves

If you like a square fingered pair of batting gloves then the Kookaburra Onyx PRO Batting Gloves are for you this season. In a great charcoal and orange color and used by Glenn Maxwell and Rilee Roussow there is a lot to be said about the Kookaburra Onyx PRO Batting Gloves. The super flow air ventilation as well as the high quality PU protection means that you can rest assured that you are getting a comfortable cricket batting glove that is highly protective, airy and durable.

Kookaburra Onyx cricket batting gloves

Kookaburra Onyx cricket batting gloves

10. Kookaburra Ignite PRO Batting Gloves

The Kookaburra Ignite PRO Batting Gloves is one of the most exciting pairs of cricket batting gloves. This is mainly because of how exciting all of Kookaburra cricket’s gear is, including their cricket bats for 2016. The Kookaburra Ignite PRO batting gloves look super classy in their navy blue and fiery red trim. There is a huge amount of protection, specifically for the exposed and vulnerable fingers in the bottom hand. With 360 degree ventilation and superb lightweight flexibility, you should seriously consider the Kookaburra Ignite PRO Batting Gloves for 2016.

Kookaburra Ignite 2016 batting gloves

Kookaburra Ignite 2016 batting gloves

To shop the essential batting gloves to have for 2016 click here.

BAS Cricket Bags

BAS Cricket Bags

Cricket Equipment – Aim for the Best

Cricket is without a doubt a great sport which requires a lot of preparation to master. However, there are plenty of people out there who are also playing it as a hobby. Regardless of whether you are a pro or you are playing once a week with your buddies, having the necessary cricket equipment is particularly important. 

When it comes to certain sports, there is always that certain equipment manufacturer which manages to stand out on top of the crowd and to create perfect units. BAS is this company in the world of cricket.

Why go for BAS Cricket Equipment?

Well, right off the bat, the company was founded more than 80 years ago back in 1935 by the Kohli brothers in Pakistan. The main intention of the corporation ever since has been to provide the players with the highest quality of cricket bats as well as other necessary equipment such as BAS cricket bags. The company has quite a few benchmark bats, so to speak, such as the Vampire cricket bats which are highly renowned on the international market.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a BAS Cricket Bag

Now, the first thing that you might want to take into account when purchasing a bag of the kind is its size. It needs to be particularly proportional to its purpose. This means that it needs to fit the things that you intend to put within it, including protective gear, helmets, bats, shoes, clothes, and whatnot. Furthermore, you need to account for the slots for accessories on the sides where you put additional cricket equipment or spares. Current BAS range of BAS Kit bags include the BAS Player Kit Bag, the BAS International Kit Bag, BAS Test Kit bag, BAS ODI Kit bag, the Rapier and Centurion Kit bags as well.

 Buying BAS Cricket Bats

When it comes to purchasing a cricket bat, there are a few things that you might want to consider. The products made by Bas are particularly convenient as they have a lot of additional features. For instance, most of them have conveniently textured half moon grip which enables you to be in full control of the blade while using it. It also promotes a moderate bow and a particularly convenient pick up. The bats have thick edge and big sweet spots to ensure effectiveness.

In any case, BAS is without a doubt a trusted manufacturer for high-end cricket equipment that you might want to check out if you haven’t already. They deliver nothing short of excellence and are amongst the best units that you are going to find on the market.