AB De Villiers Moves to MRF cricket from Kookaburra Cricket

AB De Villiers Moves to MRF cricket

AB De villiers moves to MRF Cricket




It is well known that Indian cricket fans love AB De Villiers perhaps more than any other foreign cricketer. If they could they would certainly have AB De Villiers batting in the Indian top order alongside world superstar Virat Kohli. De Villiers has made a new strong connection to India by dropping his Kookaburra cricket bat for an MRF cricket bat.

MRF has long been known for signing cricket gear and cricket bat contracts with the top batsmen in the world. Virat Kohli is currently a user of MRF cricket bats and in the past there have been the greatest of the cricket greats, including Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara and Steve Waugh. It does not get better than that and AB De Villiers has joined that illustrious group.

MRF cricket bat

The signs that AB would be joining MRF were quite evident when he was seen netting with the MRF bats. There was probably no need to give the bats a full test run when he saw the way Virat Kohli was striking the ball.

This does however end a long time contract that De Villiers had with Kookaburra. From the moment De Villiers burst onto the international scene more than a decade ago he has been an exponent of Kookaburra. Following the retirement of Ricky Ponting and Mike Hussey, AB De Villiers was virtually the poster boy for Kookaburra cricket gear.

MRF cricket bats

With Eoin Morgan also switching to an Indian bat manufacturer it seems that the Indian influence in the game is becoming more and more of a factor particularly from a marketing perspective.

Love it or loathe it, it is undisputed that the IPL has led to opportunities such as this one with AB De Villiers changing from Kookaburra to MRF. It stands to reason that it is only a matter of time before more international cricketers will also be joining the ranks of supreme Indian cricket gear manufacturers.

What do you think about the move for AB? Please leave your comments and thoughts below. Thx for enjoying this story with us.

David Warner and Steve Smith Use Pink Cricket Bat.

There has been somewhat of a buzz around Pink cricket bat from different players. Chris Gayle used a gold colored cricket bat for the Big Bash 2015-2016 and Andre Russell has gathered a fair bit of publicity with his black colored Spartan cricket bat.

As has become tradition though, the New Year’s Test Match at the Sydney Cricket Ground is known as the Pink Test Match. This is not to be confused with the fact that when they play a Day/Night Test match they use a Pink cricket ball. The Pink Test Match is there to help raise money for the McGrath Foundation. The McGrath Foundation was started by former Australian fast bowler to raise money for breast cancer awareness. This is something close to Mcgrath’s heart after his first wife, Jane McGrath, died of breast cancer.

In this year’s Pink Test Match, the headlines were stolen before lunch by David Warner who became only the fifth batsman ever to score a century before lunch in a Test Match.

david warner pink cricket bat

To cricket bat lovers they would have noticed that David Warner was using a brand new Gray Nicolls Kaboom cricket bat and in honor of the Pink Test Match, Gray Nicolls had made special pink cricket bat stickers for the bat for Warner.

Later on the Australian skipper, Steve Smith came out to bat with a brand new New Balance pink cricket bat that had also had the stickers in full pink in honor of the Pink Test Match.

steve smith pink cricket bat

When you think about it, it kind of makes sense that the Pink Test Match should have been a Day/Night Test match so that they could have used the pink cricket ball.

The way David Warner batted, it seems possible that we will be seeing him come out to bat with that Pink stickered cricket bat once again.

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Karun Nair and his Gray Nicolls Cricket Bat!

Did you notice? Karun Nair and his Gray Nicolls

I am a cricket fan but more than that I am a cricket bat fan. I love noticing the little cricket bat quirks. I have been intrigued that AB De Villiers has been seen training with an MRF cricket bat, does this mean that AB De Villiers will be leaving the Kookaburra cricket bats that he has used for the entirety of his career?

Karun Nair goes big

I also noticed that the MCC has made recommendation that the law be changed to limit the size of cricket bats. How will this affect the game as we know it? Will it stop top edges going for 6?

But most intriguing of all to me was Karun Nair.

Karun Nair scored a magnificent triple century. I watched as India piled on more than 700 runs against a hapless English attack. But all the while I kept on thinking to myself over the long Karun Nair innings, when is the last time I saw an Indian batsman using a Gray Nicolls cricket bat?

Nair was in fact using the Gray Nicolls Pro Performance cricket bat. I cannot even think when is the last time I saw an Indian cricketer using a GM cricket bat or a Kookaburra cricket bat.

Umar Akmal used to use a GM cricket bat and Dinesh Chandimal used a Kookaburra, Kumar Sangakkarra used a Kookaburra for a long while but I cannot remember when is the last time I saw a batsman from India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka using a predominantly English or Australian cricket bat.

It is well known that at lower levels in Indian cricket these bats are very prevalent. There are some GM cricket bats that are even produced in India but is this Karun Nair triple century going to be the beginning of a trend with top professional Indian cricketers using bats like Gray Nicolls. Or will it be a matter of time before we see Karun Nair using an MRF or SG like cricket bat?

This perhaps goes back to another article i wrote about how it always seems to be a Gray Nicolls Cricket Bat that is involved in record breaking knocks.

Cricket Bat Size Law Change

The MCC which governs the laws in the game of cricket have said that they will be implementing a Cricket Bat Size Law Change as to how big a cricket bat can be.

It has long been viewed that the game has been skewed with the batsmen having too much advantage over bowlers. The technology and skill in making modern day cricket bats also meant that mis-hits were going for six and this was something that the MCC wanted eradicated.

The MCC have asked to approve limitations of 40mm on the edge of the cricket bat and 67mm in swell depth. The 67mm is in fact made up of 60mm of swell and 7mm of curvature on the face of the cricket bat.

There are international cricketers that have edges on their cricket bats that are up to or beyond 50mm, they will henceforth need to have their bats remade. A specific cricket bat gauge will be in effect for all professional cricket matches to ensure that all players have cricket bats that conform to the new regulations. A moratorium period will be in effect in the amateur game, during which players will still be allowed to use their current cricket bats with eventually the need for even amateur players to fall in with the new regulations.

cricket bat sizes

The law is likely to come into effect on the 1st of October 2017, upon approval by a special MCC committee.

The MCC when discussing the laws of cricket also discussed the possibility of having red cards for the first time ever in cricket. This would mean that an umpire could send a player off for the rest of the game if there is a blatant breach in the laws of the game that warrants the player being sent off.

These are some of the changes in the evolving laws of cricket, what are your thoughts on them?



Cricketers love gifts of cricket equipment, cricket gear and most of all cricket bats. It all depends how much you want to spend on your cricket mad loved ones. So here is the suggestions that we have come up with for the best cricket gift ideas for cricketers this upcoming festive season.

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Cricket Bats

If you really love your cricket friends then you will go straight for the cricket bats. Nothing says I love you to a cricketer more than buying him or her a beautiful cricket bat. If you are looking for the real high end then you will look for the Kookaburra Surge PRO cricket bat or the GM, you may also look at the GM Mana Original LE cricket bat. Cricket Bats are great gift ideas for cricketers.

gift ideas for cricketers cricket bats

There are more budget friendly options in the cricket bat sections too. All of the GM cricket bats for 2017 in the 303 range are superb gifts and also brilliantly priced.

Cricket Shoes

If you happen to know the shoe size then cricket shoes are also a great gift idea for cricketers and not as expensive. One of the great purchases you can make to gift is the Kookaburra PRO 770 spike cricket shoes. There are many other great options when it comes to cricket shoes, this includes the Gray Nicolls PRO Omega cricket shoes that are absolutely top of the range and the latest cricket shoes out there.

gift ideas for cricketers cricket shoes

Batting Gloves Under $50

A pair of cricket batting gloves for under $50 is a great gift and doesn’t break the bank. There are so many fantastic pairs of cricket batting gloves that are under $50. The Gray Nicolls F18 600 Batting Gloves is a superb pair of cricket batting gloves that are brilliantly priced and a high quality pair of cricket gloves.  The Gray Nicolls SuperNova 500 cricket gloves are another pair of cricket gloves that are of absolutely top quality that are under 50 dollars. There are also under 50 dollar cricket batting gloves option available from GM, Slazenger and Spartan.

Cricket Sets

If you have beginner cricketers or kid cricketers on your gift list than look at the GM Icon all weather cricket set. These cricket sets are highly durable and the perfect introduction for any cricketer to the game of cricket. The set comes with a cricket bat made of high durability plastic, stumps and a ball. These cricket sets are great for adults too, they are great for beach cricket and even for garden cricket.

Cricket Helmets

Another great gift idea that cricketers always love is a cricket helmet. There are many great cricket helmets out there in a range of budgets from to cricket helmet manufacturers like Shrey and Masuri. The GM Icon GEO cricket helmet is a fantastic cricket helmet that meet all standards and makes for a brilliant gift. The Gray Nicolls Test Opener cricket helmet is yet another superb cricket helmet that makes for a great gift.

gift ideas for cricketers cricket helmets

The possibilities are really endless when it comes to cricket gift ideas for all you favorite cricketers out there.

Top 10 Cricket Bats for 2016…with a twist. 10-6

Cricket gear Reviews ( CGR ) always wants you to know what is the best cricket equipment for the upcoming year and of course it is most important to start with the bats. Now many of us love and understand cars but cannot quite understand cricket bat specifications, so we at CGR have given these bats their car equivalents, for fun and to make things understandable to you.

10. Puma EvoSpeed Cricket Bat- BMW 3 Series

There is a lot to love about the Puma EvoSpeed cricket bat and not only the fact that it is endorsed by NZ captain Brendon McCullum. Like the 3 Series, when Adam Gilchrist was flaying bowling attacks, PUMA Cricket Bats were the gold standard of a cool cricket bat. The 3 series has lost some of its sheen in the sports sedan market and the same could be said for Puma as the cricket bat market becomes more and more crowded with great cricket bat brands and manufacturers. The BMW 3 Series has super pick-up and the same could be said for the Puma EVOspeed cricket bat. One of the EVOspeeds remarkable features is that it packs so much power with a very light pick-up and a well balanced feel. At number 10 on the list, the PUMA EvoSpeed is a great cricket bat for 2016 as is the BMW 3 Series.

9. The Affinity Spectre – Tesla Model S

Like all of Affinity’s cricket bats, the Spectre is a no frills and no fuss high performance cricket bat. It has a very traditional design and is not swayed by all those bat makers that are bulking up the edges. Affinity cricket bats are all about performance. The Affinity willow is superb and the hand craftsmanship on the Affinity Spectre is clear for all to see. A beautiful pick-up and balance. A lovely mid to slightly low sweet spot and of course superlative finishing for maximum power. And I guess that sums up the Tesla too, not the flashiest car on the road but so elegant and modern in its very own traditional way. Who wouldn’t want a Tesla? Who wouldn’t want an Affinity Spectre Cricket Bat

Affinity Cricket Website, click here.

8. The Kookaburra Kahuna Lite- Cricket Bat- Toyota Corolla

You would bet your cricket batting life that you are going to get a consistently great cricket bat, year after year when you buy a Kookaburra Kahuna Lite cricket bat. And the same rings so true for the ever reliable Toyota Corolla. The Kahuna is the spearhead of the Kookaburra range of cricket bats. The Kahuna Lite is made from Grade 4 English Willow and as such is great for a player that is looking to buy a bat for 2016 on a tighter budget. Like a Toyota Corolla, you always get so much more durability and reliability for your money with a Kookaburra Kahuna. The Kahuna Lite for 2016 has a slightly longer handle and a shorter blade. This makes the bat a lot more powerful because the batsman is allowed a faster bat swing. There you go, like the Corolla more powerful than you think.

Kookaburra website click here.

7. Affinity Carbine PRO Cricket Bat- Mercedes Benz CLA

Can you beat the Affinity Carbine PRO Cricket Bat? Well, can you beat the Benz? The Affinity Carbine PRO is made from the highest quality willow available, Grade 1 English Willow as it is known. It has a highly traditional shape but has some incredible crafting nuances that truly make it the “German Engineering” of cricket bats. There is scantly a dull spot on the entire blade of the Affinity Carbine cricket bat, just like their is scantly anything dull about any part of the Mercedes Benz CLA. There is no big hoo-ha about the edges of the Affinity Carbine PRO, the edges are fairly small but the Carbine PRO has some superb curvature, almost making it like an aerodynamic luxury sports car as the bat meets the ball. The batsman has maximum power as the wood crafting is so superb that the weight is so well distributed to increase swing speed and hence power. Not sure you can beat the Affinity Carbine PRO for 2016, not sure you could beat the Benz CLA, supremely well priced too.

6. Hammer Hel156 PRO Cricket Bat- Lexus ES

Lexus is as its name Acronyms, Luxury for the US. Toyota’s line of luxury cars. The Hammer HEL156 is by all accounts a superb cricket bat out of the US. Highly reliable and highly powerful, that is what makes the Hammer HEL156, one of the top selling cricket bats in the USA. The same could be said for the Lexus ES.The Hel156 PRO cricket bat is made like all of Hammer’s PRO cricket bats from the best Grade 1 English Willow. Players in the USA and all over the world love the incredible weight distribution and pick-up on the Hammer HEL 156 cricket bat. The mid sweet spot like the Lexus ES compliments many drivers, the Hammer HEL 156 compliments hookers, pullers, cutters, sweepers, sloggers and all other types of batsman too. Whether you love the front foot or the back foot, the well priced Hammer Hel 156 Cricket Bat is a great cricket bat choice for 2016.

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Its ODI Cricket Season.

Its ODI Cricket Season.

What was the best ODI ever played?

Edgbaston 1999 vs. Bullring 438

It was the 1483rd one day international; it was called the best ever. 866 matches later there came along another that almost unanimously dethroned it. The combatants were the same. The green and gold of South Africa versus the gold and green of Australia. Survivors from the previous battle were few. Jacques Kallis, Mark Boucher and Herschelle Gibbs for South Africa. Ricky Ponting and Adam Gilchrist for Australia.

For South Africans we are talking about the 1999 highway robbery at Edgbaston and the 438 game. For Australians we are talking about the victory at Edgbaston and the 434 game.

If Cricket himself, would have to choose his ambassador of the One-Day game which of these two epic battles would he choose? An ambassador that would not only speak for those who salivate over a technically correct forward defensive, but rather one who would enthrall and entertain the masses.


The Highveld Autumn run-fest was for all practical purposes a double T20 game rolled into one. Fans were enamored with the crash, bang and boom of it all. Hard hats in the stands were no joke as commentators went scurrying for their best clichés to report the six storm.

Ricky Ponting continued where he left off against India in the final of 2003, as he made the bowlers look like Playstation’s graphically designed bowlers on easy mode. The bowlers would have been excused for discontinuing their follow throughs to take shelter behind the umpire, while blocking their ears in preparation for the next six bomb to be hit. And there was an immediate repeat to follow, Herschelle Gibbs picked up the console where Ponting had left it and smashed the helpless bowlers to all parts. Cautious or over-cautious batting in the middle overs from Kallis and Boucher set-up a thrilling finish. The bowlers for all practical purposes could have been machines, Mick Lewis becoming the most expensive machine in ODI cricket. There were many headliners that day. 872 runs, two mammoth centuries and a bull-ring that became a bowler abattoir.

The “Donald-Klusener mix-up game” did not start at the toss on the 17th of June 1999. It started on the 13th of June at Headingley. In hindsight it ended in Leeds for South Africa too.

With 271 on the board, South Africa had Australia at 48/3 with a run-out and two wickets for Steve Elworthy. As a mistimed clip from Steve Waugh on 56 hit the palms of Herschelle Gibbs, the game and the top of the Super Six table was seemingly the South Africans’. But that was not to be, Gibbs went for his nonchalant flick over the shoulder, his hand brushing his thigh sending the ball to the ground before the catch was completed. Waugh added a “ you dropped the trophy” comment and 64 to his score. Tom Moody did the honors of blasting the ball over cover thereby taking the game and the superior standing on the Super Six table. The win at Headingley for Australia meant that the tie at Edgbaston was enough for a Final’s berth at Lords.

A tie would have been enough, a tie was not what was expected and then again a tie was a befitting result.

Australia batted first, there was a 5-for for Shaun Pollock, four ducks, four catches by the wicket keeper and two fifties. A score of 213 looked challenging. The South African innings had three run outs, the last of which is framed and displayed in many an Australian sports bar. There were also four wickets and a Man of the Match for Shane Warne, whose ball to dismiss Herschelle Gibbs was acclaimed as a close second best to “Mike Gatting’s Ball of the Century”.

Both 213s together would have been a losing score in 2006 at the Wanderers, and yet there was something so distinctly cricket about Edgbaston that would make it my firm favorite for Cricket’s One-Day ambassador.

Not long ago, about two years ago, there was an immature public, still drunk on the relatively new exploits of T20 cricket. 12th men would lumber out with bigger and more brutal looking bats for the likes of Justin Kemp who would wow the crowd as they assaulted the bowling. The IPL was deemed as a cricket Messiah, he had come to save the game from well timed strokes and intended to replace them with euphoria-inducing top edges and wild bludgeons across the line. There was a distinct feeling amongst fans that this was the way forward.

It seems as if he was a false Messiah because the game of cricket is experiencing a metamorphosis. The battles to follow are those of Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel against James Anderson and Stuart Broad, and the pitch curators are expected to deliver for them. KP has received his mention too, but the hubbub is about the swinging ball.

Double centuries for Kumar Sangakarra and other huge scores in a match and the talk of the fans is about a lifeless pitch that ought to be buried.

A more mature cricketing public is steering the game away from 120 balls of ugly slogging.  A more astute cricketing public is once again licking their lips at the sight of bowler friendly pitches. A public which encourages tweaking the One Day game as opposed to replacing it.

Swing bowling and bowlers are getting standing ovations; flat track bully batsmen are getting a mere warm applause. Some say it’s a new found thirst for wickets, other say it is T20 overkill, I say it’s an appreciation for a basic cricketing principle.

The principle that the game is a battle between the brains and brawn of batsmen and bowlers, and not that the game is a battle between two sets of batsmen. A game between bat and ball ought to have equal platforms for batsmen and bowlers to display their immense skill. These platforms are  finally taking shape.

This is a move that will once again see curators preparing pitches to the strengths of a bowling attack. Many may chatter about the new fad of four day Test matches, but this is an age where fans want to see the batsmen work for their runs. Three slips and two gullies is once again as appealing as a boundary rider retrieving the ball from the stands.

All of this bodes well for a healthy game of cricket. All of this bodes well for a proper game of cricket. A cricket where an IPL is a light dessert after serious servings of Test and ODI cricket. A cricket and his supporters that will once again deem Edgbaston 1999 the best ODI ever played.

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Cricket store online Facebook Virat Kohli cricket bat giveaway

Cricket store online Facebook Virat Kohli cricket bat giveaway

2012 All Out Cricket gear test results and whats in store for 2013

2012 All Out Cricket gear test results and whats in store for 2013

Every year All Out Cricket magazine hosts a cricket gear test at which they invite a few celebrities and few common blokes to come and test all the latest gear all the major brand have to offer. Here are the bat winners or at least the top 12 from 2012.

1. Kookaburra Kahuna Players

2. Salix Pod Performance

3. Bulldog growler

4. Gray-Nicolls Legend

5. Gray-Nicolls Oblivion Players

=6. Optimax KY-LE-Legend

=6. Millichamp & Hall Amplus

8. GM Epic DXM L.E

9. Bulldog Pedigree Plus

10. Boom Boom Signature 100

11. Slazenger V360 Ultimate

12. adidas Pellara Elite


And now i wanted to mention that our friends over at Hammer cricket have also sent a bat in for the test. The cricket bat they have sent in is one of their Hammer Hel 156 Limited edition cricket bats and we certainly wish them the best of luck. Im sure you will be able to follow their progress on their facebook page, just search for Hammercricket or cricket store online.


Best of luck Jason

The cricket bat industry and what we can do to battle against fake cricket bats being sold.

The cricket bat industry and what we can do to battle against fake cricket bats being sold.

People know i have a bumpy history when it comes to selling fake cricket gear. I have been the victim of purchasing fake cricket gear in the past when i thought i was purchasing an authentic product. Ive also seen on a few occasions companies like Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicolls, Spartan and kookaburra also being victims of people and companies who make fake cricket gear and sell it as authentic.

Well yesterday this all became very very personal as i found that I ( Hammer cricket bats ) have now also become a victim of this debacle..

One of my fans on facebook told me that someone is selling one of my bats from Pakistan and provided me with the link..So headed over there and had a look and this is what i saw.

Fake cricket bats for sale in Sailkot, Pakistan

Fake cricket bats for sale in Sailkot, Pakistan

Upon asking him about it he told a friend of mine the bats are made in England and are $125 ea…I found that pretty funny as it clearly states in the product description that these cricket bats are exclusively made for me personally in New Zealand. What a dumb ass. Another that was also pretty funny which is a giveaway is that he has labelled the product as 2012 / 2013 and the bat is the pic ( one that i personally took in my house ) is clearly a 1st edition 2012 bat as you can clearly see from the decals.. The new 2013 bats have completely new decals.

So its obvious this fool from CA ONE sports is selling fake gear and suggest people stay away from him in future.

If you are ever looking for information on whether retailers are selling real authentic gear or fake gear, please feel free to email me at jason@cricketstoreonline.com.

If you are looking for real authentic Hel 156 cricket bats then there is currently only 1 authentic retailer worldwide at the moment selling them, and thats www.cricketstoreonline.com…No one else worldwide is authorized.. Also the new 2013 gear has already been released and is available here..click here.