Kookaburra 2013 cricket gear release

Kookaburra 2013 cricket gear release

So as you know cricket gear reviews has recently been bringing you pics and news of all the new gear being brought out by the big names of cricket. Gray Nicolls, GM, Hammer, Slazenger and now also Kookaburra.

jos buttler middle order 6 hitting genius with Ricochet cricket bat

jos buttler middle order 6 hitting genius with Ricochet cricket bat

You may of seen Jos Buttler in the last T20 match for england against south africa hitting 32 runs in one over with his kookaburra cricket bat..if you saw it like i did..it was simply awesome.

Here is a quick look at some of the new 2013 kookaburra cricket gear.

kookaburra ricochet line up of bats at the trade show

kookaburra ricochet line up of bats at the trade show

kookaburra menace cricket bat range

kookaburra menace cricket bat range

kookaburra recoil cricket bats for 2013

kookaburra recoil cricket bats for 2013

kookaburra 2013 cricket batting pads and gloves

kookaburra 2013 cricket batting pads and gloves

Can anyone see the Kookaburra menace gloves in the middle….what do you think…i may have to leave my thoughts off as it may be R18 rated..

kookaburra 2013 protective wear

kookaburra 2013 protective wear

kookaburra 2013 keeper gear and shoes

kookaburra 2013 keeper gear and shoes

A couple cool things to notice in these pics are..the fusion style sky catcher cricket bat used for fielding drills..looks like they have some cool new shoes coming out. Also looked like the menace had a very pronounced edge profile so will be looking forward to the video reviews on that one..





Haseeb Ramzan 2 day cricket benefit match donation page

It is Cricket that has introduced us to such a wonderful human being as Haseeb Ramzan and I believe Cricket will help us get through the tragic circumstances under which he left us too early. After consultation with Jason MelletFaisal AkhtarRahul Kukretiand Aziz Savul, a 2 Day Benefit match to celebrate his life and the Haseeb as we know him.Haseeb Ramzan 2-Day Match
• To be named Haseeb Ramzan Benefit 2-day match. Proceeds from match will go 100% to the Ramzan family.

• Format to be decided based on # of players available. Plan is to have 2 pools of players and create 4 teams to play 2 competitive matches.
• Selection criteria will be talent as well as character. Selection to be determined by Jason Mellet from www.cricketstoreonline.com after consulting with Players of the League.
• Please look out for the Facebook page for this event so you can participate in this event.
• You will have to subscribe to 1 category or multiple categories below in order to participate:
o Batsman
o Bowler (Spin or Pace)
o All-rounder
o Wicket-keeper
o Captain
o Umpire
o Scorer
o Volunteer
• In order to make it fair for participation, we will employ a lottery system (fees will be non-refundable since this is for a charitable cause):
o $10 to put your name in the lottery.
o Additional $40 to play the match – will count as confirmation.
o Team will be selected based on the position you signed up for..
• Tentative Date is November 3rd and 4th 2012.
the only rule we have is that you have to be a Dallas based NTCA player to participate but please feel free to make donations to the family using the same link below. thank you.

Please support this wonderful cause. Its a tragic loss to lose a friend at any point of their lives.

what makes a cricket bat play extremely well??

I asked my fans on my facebook page what they though makes a cricket play extremely well. this is what they had to say.


Dont be fooled by ” Players ” grade cricket bat willow.

Just thought i would start a little topic of players grade bats and wanted to let people know you shouldnt be fooled as not all PLAYERS bats are in fact players grade willow.

I think i will start with my the GM definition of players grade bats.
” PLAYER EDITION bats are made from LE timber and are finished with prestige PLAYER EDITION identification and superb laser engraved player autographs. GM NOW! and ToeTekTM finish fitted as standard. PLAYER EDITION bat weights cannot be specified and will be “as finished”.[/size]Please note that Team GM product development is a continuous process. PLAYER EDITION configurations shown are those in use by our players at the time of preparation of this Book of Cricket.”

So i think this is a good benchmark for players grade bats.

Kookaburra also have a players grade bats and its also described as being limited edition and something special.
GN also have the GN legend which is also their top of the line bat and is also something limited, even though yesterday i shipped a G2 GN legend to australia as it had 20 grains but clearly had 50% heartwood which would mean its G2 correct??

Now newbery have a Players grade bat as well. the problem is im not sure what players they are talking about here as its clearly not their top of the line willow, which is the SPS.
GN also have a players grade just above the carbo i believe. this is also not PLAYERS grade willow.
My friends at Vindico also have a players plus which is also not Players grade willow as described by GM or Kookaburra.

Can you guys think of any other brands that have named their bats ” PLAYERS ” bats which is not necessarily a scam but rather just  the name they have chosen?

is this bad for kookaburra cricket or good for SG cricket??

So just got the 2012 Kookaburra biggest kahuna in my hands and was horribly disappointed. theyve gone and taken the previously great design and absolutely raped it, giving it a completely flat face ( E41, SG, laver ultra etc ). i hate the look of it, and those other bats.

Now granted thats a personal opinion and has no effect on bat performance, but that brings me to my topic headline.

as i was looking at the new 2012 biggest kahuna ( stopping myself from throwing up on my computer ) something struck me. its looks like a bat ive just recently reviewed. so went through my bats and found it.

the SG VS 319 ultimate.

then remembered just the other day i did the review on the new Kahuna T20 and that as well is an exact replica of the SG stud T11i cricket bat.

now we all know SG makes Kookaburra’s bats for them but, previously i would of held kookaburra to a higher standard than SG, whereas in actual fact all they are doing is taking SG bats and putting kookaburra stickers on them, or vica versa.

so is kookaburra going down the same path as slazenger where their products will as well be only classified as a average indian brand or is SG going to be the big winner in this as people will start seeing them as a more reputable brand.

please remember these are all just my opinions…


p.s. guess i should grab my kahuna 1000’s and see which SG bat they are now as well right?


Help me get a GM epic graeme smith players edition in mu hands.

please watch my video and give me your support. im trying to get GM to send me a GM epic graeme smith players edition cricket bat so i can do a review for you guys. please give me your support and tweet @richardlowy and @edwardlowy and ask them to please send me one.



you can also go to www.gunnandmoorecricket.com and send them and email through their contact forms.

@crictech hotspot marker sheets and custom made bats PART 2

So this is my second post of the crictech hotspot impact marker sheets and the process of getting a custom made cricket bat with them.

I have been in touch again with Richard from crictech and we are now well into the process of getting my new cricket bat made.

After you contact crictech you will receive two emails from them. One with a link to an online questionnaire. The second is a set of instructions on how you will use the impact market sheets they send you. You will get probably about 5 sheets from them to use.


As you can see from the pic above i marked each sheet with my top scoring shot. you need to replicate these shots in the nets either with a bowling machine or throw downs. remember they are not testing your abilities so no need to have the bowling machine on 90mph. just some average pace stuff will be fine.


You need to send a pic back to crictech that looks something like this.

This is what the questionnaire looks like from crictech.

CricTech Custom Bat Questionnaire


This form is to be completed if you have placed an order for a CricTech custom designed cricket bat, once you have completed the impact sheet measurements. If you have not received your impact sheets please contact richard@crictech.com Please fill out all questions. Estimate where exact answer is not known.
* Required



The idea is to get a comprehensive idea of what type and size bat you are accustomed to using.


So after completing the forms and spending some time in the nets i have my sheets and here is what they now look like.

I was also asked to send some extra full bat shots to show where on the bat exactly i was middling the ball. here they are.

So thats where we are now. ive sent these pics off to crictech is what you will have to do as well. take the pics of your cricket bat with crictech sheets on it, and from different angles.


Now i guess we wait and see what the next step is. Im getting very excited, thats for sure.

You can stay in touch with me on facebook.com/cricketstoreonline

On twitter @cricstoreonline


Head over to www.crictech.com and see for yourself.


Cricket store online top 10 youtube video reviews

here is a top 10 list of my cricket bat reviews as voted for by people who watch my video reviews. I have taken the top 10 most watched videos and put them here in this one blog so you can see what people are watching and probably what cricket bats are top sellers.


In # 10


The 2010 SS gladiator cricket bat with 4728 views



In 9th


The 2012 SS platinum reserve cricket bat with 4851 views



In 8th place


The mongoose mmi 3 long handle / short blade cricket bat with 5066 views



In 7th place


The Adidas incurza cricket bat review with 6127 views



In 6th place


The MS Dhoni Reebok cricket bat with 6995 views



In 5th place


The Ricky Ponting Kahuna 1000 cricket bat with 7327 views



In 4th place


The malik bubber sher cricket bat with 8571 views



In 3rd place


The CA LE 12000 Plus cricket bat with 8983 views



In 2nd place


How to select a cricket bat by jason mellet with 10167 views



And in the top spot, i think its pretty obvious. its a bat made famous by one of the top cricketers of our time. there will always be debate over what kind of bat this really is, who makes it and where it comes from.


I guess combined 1st and 7th place you have over 20 000 views. which is pretty good.


Its the Sachin Tendulkar Adidas cricket bat with 15456 views



We do however have a potential spoiler. With a small total of 439 views in 6 days, which is an average of 73 views per day we have the 2012 GM epic cricket bat. If it carries on getting views at that rate and we give it another year it will have over 25 000 views which technically speaking is faster than the Sachin bat. time will tell if that happens though and thought i would add it in just for fun.



Thanks for watching guys and making my video series such a huge success. Please remember to head to youtube and look for a review on your next cricket bat.


An Online Cricket Store With Incredible Deals

An Online Cricket Store With Incredible Deals

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An Online Cricket Store With Incredible Deals


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