this is the wrap up of the Colonial Lonestar cricket club’s 25 over season. The boys all did well and we only lost by 1 run in the semi final match. The team was sponsored by cricket store online in the semi final cricket match. here are some words by the captain bruce clarke

it really was a fun day and good campaign….

donald, harmi and vinay as our opening attack deserve a lot of credit for putting opposition under pressure in the first 10 overs of every game.
They took early wickets and restricted run rates…well done guys.

The other bowlers did very well also and even though your figures might not look as good…it is hard to set fields and restrict runs during a slog session…

colonial lonestar cricket club

colonial lonestar cricket club 25 over semi final

We fielded consistently and cauight pretty well during the tournament and the ‘team’ feeling was great…we supported each other and many umpires were kept amused by our comments to the opposition and to our own players…

The batting chases were superb. Well timed, conserved early wickets and picked up singles and two’s to keep the board ticking over while putting the bad ball away. Many highlights from multiple batsmen but at no stage were we ever more than 6-7 down which means no matter who was doing well, there was always good support at the other end and it was never a one man show. Many other teams have relied on one guy (like sunil daniel yesterday 120 out of around 160-170 off the bat, the rest were extras) to get thru. We played great cricket shots and built confience in our games…..

the club member support was also top notch…I will probably forget to mention a few but guys like AJ, Ivan, Karls dad, sunny, john and others came out consistently to help us…thanks a bunch!

The future is looking bright for the club. Keep recruiting…we have 2 teams in the T20…which means lots of cricket for everyone but also means twice the umpiring….so be prepared to contribute both on and off the field.

Cheers fellas!

It really was a great tournament for the club. well done to everyone that took part. cricket was the winner.