So here it is, after many weeks of planning and weeks of knocking in bats ive finally been able to put this together. Not to mention a few bucks spent on bats, net sessions and a host of other expenses. ( so buy a bat off me so i can start paying for this entertainment ).


What we have here in the following video is the cricket bat face off and review of the following cricket bats.

Lekka TPX big hitter cricket bat

Lekka RDX envy cricket bat

USSZ cricket bat

Crictech custom made cricket bat

Vindico Genghis players + cricket bat

For more information on purchases please click here.


Come back later on as i will reveal scores and opinions in the next blog after this one, so look out for the cricket bat face of scores and results later on.


Thanks and please leave me your comments and views. I would love to hear them.