as there is a possibility of their being error with this moisture technology ive had a look at all my bat reviews done so far with my grading / scoring system and to be fare to everybody ive recalculated the numbers of all bats without the moisture content score and this is how they have fared.

these are the bats that all scored
1 ) 38/45
2 ) 37/45
3 ) 36/45
4 ) 35/45
5 ) 34/45
6 ) 33/45
7 ) 31/45
8 ) 30/45
9 ) 29/45
here is also a breakdown of how my scoring works without the moisture content.

The rating system goes something like this.

# 1. Price. rated out of 10 points. $600 is to expensive regardless of quality. $300 is a perfect price if the bat is good. $100 is generally a low quality bat so even if the bat is $100 it wont necessarily get a good grade unless its exceptionally good. eg. GN legend scores a 4/10 on price. its an awesome bat but $500 is a lot of money. Bat makers should be finding ways to keep their price lower, not making bats more and more expensive.

#2. Willow. Rated out of 10 points. This is a grade for the overall willow quality and aesthetics. overall look, grains, knots, butterflies, watermarks etc.

#3. Overall finish. Rated out of 10 points. did the bat maker take time to make the bat look pretty. Do you want to frame the bat its so beautiful or you dont mind throwing it in your kit unprotected.

#4. Performance. Rated out of 10 points. will this bat perform well. does it have a good balance and pickup. does it pick up light or does it feel bottom heavy or off balance.

#5. Wow factor. Rated out of 5 points. When you open up the box or show it to your friends are you going to think ” wow ” or does it just look like one of the other millions of bats that are produced every single year.