This will be simple. Nothing to complicated.

Scoring system.

Quality of materials used will be called quality score. scored out of 3.

How comfortable the gloves are on the hands, fit, around wrist on fingers etc will be Comfort level. scored out of 3.

Protection will be scored out of 3 as well with a best possible score of 9.

#1 : Newbery SPS 1 batting gloves

Price $99

Quality : 3

Comfort : 3

Protection : 3

Perfect score of 9/9

Really cool gloves. Like the all white look, styling and protection. as good as it gets.

#2 : Kookaburra Rogue 450 batting gloves

Price $40

Quality : 1

Comfort : 1

Protection : 1


score of 3/9

I like the new Rogue colour scheme. Unfortunately thats all i like about these gloves. Oh and the price. $40 is a great price for a set of gloves but these gloves are uncomfortable and stiff offering a very low level of protection. These gloves will be good for someone who is very hard pressed for some cash or school boys who’s parents are on a budget.


# 3 :SS gladiator batting gloves

Price : $74.99

Quality : 3

Comfort : 2

Protection : 3

score of 8/9


Really good gloves for the price. Protection and flexibility is there. Comfort is not quite perfect on my hands with a few things inside the gloves scratching a little but with inners on that probably wouldn’t be an issue.Top class quality products and materials used in these gloves.


# 4 : SS matrix batting gloves

Price : $54.99

Quality : 2

Comfort : 3

Protection : 2

score of 7/9

Just a 7/9 for these gloves. These gloves are a quality middle of the road glove. I hope when i bring out my Hammer and Beserker batting gloves that they can be this good. Quality materials, lack just a little on the protection layers on all 4 fingers but i would be very happy using these gloves at club level across the united states.