If you love cricket you love the cricket brands too. You always notice when a player has a new bat brand or a new style of helmet. Prove that you are truly a cricket brand fan and see how many of these answers you know.

Answers will follow next week.

1.      The most prolific cricket gear manufacturer in India is SG, what does SG stand for?

2.      What bat sticker did Sachin Tendulkar have on his bat on his international debut?

3.      What type of cricket bat featured in the Oscar Pistorius trial?

4.      What brand of cricket bat did Brian Lara break the Test world record with?

5.      What are the 3 manufacturer brands that make cricket balls used for Tests?

6.      What was the brand name of Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly’s cricket pads?

7.      Why does SS cricket bats market itself in the UK as TON cricket bats?

8.      What cricket bat sticker did Virat Kohli have on international debut?

9.      Who are Shrey cricket helmets named after?

10.  Which cricket bat manufacturer is based out of Nottingham?

Here is the scoring table.

1-3 out of 10

You are Chris Martin batting like cricket brands whiz. You will stay at number 11.

4-5 out of 10

You are a decent all-rounder when it comes to cricket brands. You would probably bat 9 and bowl second change.

5-8 out of 10

Jacques Kallis like cricket brands knowledge. Very steady but hardly flashy

9 or 10 out of 10

You are a freakish mix of Virat, Sachin, Shane Warne and AB De Villiers rolled into one cricket brands package. Take a bow!

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