There are various types of cricket shoes available. These are available in the USA from Cricket Store Online. Some cricket shoes are multi-purpose, this means that they are good for batting, bowling and fielding. There are other cricket shoes that are made specifically for batting or specifically for bowling.

Bowling spikes

The NB 4040 bowling spike cricket shoe is the shoe Dale Steyn wears.

Cricket shoes for bowling are probably the most important. When a fast bowler delivers the cricket ball, he places immense strain on his front foot. It is essential that he has a great cricket shoe to cushion the blow. It is also essential to have cricket shoes with the right spikes, so that the bowler is able to retain his balance when delivering the ball.

Batting spikes

The AB 10 Minimus cricket batting spike is worn by Aaron Finch.

Size is very important when a bowler selects his cricket shoes. Cricket Shoes are available in US sizes. The cricket shoe should never be too tight but a too loose fitting cricket shoe can be equally as damaging. Many bowlers cricket shoes come with added strapping to keep the cricket shoe snugly in place.

Rubber sole multi purpose cricket shoe

The NB 4020 all purpose rubber sole cricket shoe is great for concrete wickets and indoor play.

A good quality bowling cricket shoe will have a slightly higher top. This gives added support to the ankle of the bowler on landing. A good cricket shoe will also have added rubber and stitching around the toe area. This is because the toe area drags and can often be a place where the cricket shoe will disintegrate first.

In older times fast bowlers used to cut the front of their bowling shoes to allow the big toe room to move out. This stopped the toe jarring into the front of the shoe. Nowadays, technology advances in cricket shoes has meant that enough padding is supplied to negate cutting open the front of the cricket bowling shoe.

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