Spartan cricket bats have arrived

So to my surprise a box arrived to day via DHL from Spartan in aus. Last i had spoken to Kunal from spartan he said he would send me two quality spartan bats as replacements for the 6 i got from Ihsan in pakistan. Ihsan told me they had the contract to make spartan cricket bats and as i though Ihsan were a respectable company i trusted them.  So anyway to the left is a pic of the bat i got from them. Yes i said “bat” and not ” bats ” as in plural. Now i am withholding any sort of comment on the quality of the bats until i hear from Kunal as i had a few questions for him. I did contact him about the bat ” he ” sent me and his response was that he was in fact out of town and someone else sent me the bat. so now im waiting for his respose to a few questions i had about the bat before i make any reviews. i also feel maybe sleeping on it will help me do a better review as sometimes i can get a bit hot headed. so come back in the next day or two and check out the official spartan cricket bat review.

on another note cricket is at its peak here in the united states right now, the crazy rush of summer is over and this is typically when business starts to quit-en down just a little. My facebook fans and twitter fans have really been keeping me busy always wanted the best gear pics, reviews and all sorts of other cool stuff. It was actually quite cool, i just got an email asking me to please do some videos for him as he wanted to make a purchase. he said he would like to see videos on some GM 808 bats, some GM 606 pads and some videos of the GM wheelie bags. well i obliged and luckily for me i didnt have to make him new videos as ive already done the. im sure he was surprised when he got and email from me 5 minutes later with all his video requests in it. here are those videos.

GM 808 cricket bats.

GM 606 batting pads

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GM wheelie bags

So anyway, i thought that was pretty handy to have. Other than that i dont know if you guys know but my wife is 6 months pregnant again. we are expecting another little girl. here is a pic of my daughter now.








Oh, one of my upcoming videos is going to involve a bunch of cool kitbags. im busy putting together a few videos with new kookaburra bags, 1000, 800, 400 etc and also a few cool gray nicolls bags. powerbow, storm players etc. you can obviously find all those bags here at other than that right now, i have all my boxes packed up for the day. im now waiting on UPS to come pick them all up and busy with this blog and going through a few emails ( 65 left ) down from 150 this morning.


any guys, keep being fan of my store. this is an awesome journey im on and still working on taking over the world. 1 cricket bat at a time.