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When it comes to cricket stumps there are numerous different types & generally, those different types of cricket stumps have different uses. Obviously, cricket stumps also known as the wickets play a massive role in a cricket match, practice or just a neighborhood park game. If you are batting & the bowler manages to sneak a ball past your defenses and hit the wickets you are out. This is naturally the point of the game. The bowling/fielding team is trying to get you out and it’s your job to hang in there as long as possible accumulating as many runs as possible.

There are numerous other ways to get you & your teammates out but when it comes to the cricket stumps/wickets getting bowled out or run out are the 2 more common ways.

Types Of Cricket Stumps

  • Match Stumps & Wickets.

Match Cricket Stumps are what most people will be familiar with. These are the stumps you will see most commonly on television with higher quality cricket games. These stumps will consist of 6 individual wickets in the bag with 4 bails. Each end of the cricket pitch will hold 3 of the stumps and 2 of the bails. This is what they may look like in more traditional formats of the game.

cricket stumps wickets

In more modern times and the advent of day-night cricket and T20 cricket, these stumps will more than likely actually be painted as well & could possibly look something like this.

modern cricket stumps painted for t20 cricket

Very often cricket stumps are made from very hard wood. Often out of ASH willow or Mulberry willow. The stumps need to withstand massive forces when being impacted by a cricket ball and that’s why these super hardwoods are used.

  • Club Cricket Stumps

Club level cricket stumps will generally look a lot like your match cricket stumps but only they may be a lower quality wood & will therefore also be cheaper. These are the type of wicket you may see in your neighborhood park being used or at your local cricket club for junior cricketers.

club level cricket stumps

  • Spring Back Stumps

On occasion & especially at cricket clubs where there are less funds available the cricket club may decide to go with a concrete cricket pitch instead of the traditional more expensive grass wicket. In this situation where there isn’t nice soft ground to insert the cricket stumps, the team may opt to rather use spring back stumps.

Spring back stumps are made with high-quality hardwoods to help prevent breaking and are mounted on a cast iron base with springs. The benefit of using this type of cricket stumps is that the stumps essentially don’t get “knocked over” and the springs return the wickets to their upright position.

spring back stumps

Plastic cricket stumps can come in many different forms. Some are really cheap and are for small kids & are low quality. They may break easily and that’s ok. They may come in many different colors and have many different uses. Many times these plastic cricket stumps will come on some type of a base so it can be moved around easily or positions on a slab of concrete etc in the person’s backyard.

plastic cricket stumps

Bails are those 2 little pegs that sit precariously on the top of the wickets. When you hear or see these bails get dislodged from the top of the wickets you know your session in the middle has come to an end.

cricket bails

The beautiful part about cricket and the wickets, in particular, is that a set of wickets can be substituted by pretty much anything. Unlike the cricket bat and the cricket ball which are pretty much which can seldom be substituted the wickets are a free for all. You could use things like trash cans, moms laundry bin, an old box, a tree, your cricket kit bag or even a pile of bricks or racks. I’ve even seen players use their shoes as the stumps.

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