So this is my second post of the crictech hotspot impact marker sheets and the process of getting a custom made cricket bat with them.

I have been in touch again with Richard from crictech and we are now well into the process of getting my new cricket bat made.

After you contact crictech you will receive two emails from them. One with a link to an online questionnaire. The second is a set of instructions on how you will use the impact market sheets they send you. You will get probably about 5 sheets from them to use.


As you can see from the pic above i marked each sheet with my top scoring shot. you need to replicate these shots in the nets either with a bowling machine or throw downs. remember they are not testing your abilities so no need to have the bowling machine on 90mph. just some average pace stuff will be fine.


You need to send a pic back to crictech that looks something like this.

This is what the questionnaire looks like from crictech.

CricTech Custom Bat Questionnaire


This form is to be completed if you have placed an order for a CricTech custom designed cricket bat, once you have completed the impact sheet measurements. If you have not received your impact sheets please contact Please fill out all questions. Estimate where exact answer is not known.
* Required



The idea is to get a comprehensive idea of what type and size bat you are accustomed to using.


So after completing the forms and spending some time in the nets i have my sheets and here is what they now look like.

I was also asked to send some extra full bat shots to show where on the bat exactly i was middling the ball. here they are.

So thats where we are now. ive sent these pics off to crictech is what you will have to do as well. take the pics of your cricket bat with crictech sheets on it, and from different angles.


Now i guess we wait and see what the next step is. Im getting very excited, thats for sure.

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