Don’t Penalize Bigger Bats?

Sanjay Manjrekar in a video for ESPNCricinfo was recently of the opinion that bat sizes should be regulated. This would stop edges from travelling quite as far as they do and even the contest between batsmen and bowlers. However, as many cricket commentators and analysts have quickly pointed out, such regulations would be very difficult to implement.
What Manjrekar’s point does highlight is the brilliance of modern day bat makers. Many players of yesteryear would have been happy to wield bats with a middle the size of the modern day bat’s edges. These bats have quite incredible dimensions and this is because of modern day bat making techniques. Part of the modern day bat marvel is that they are still within a similar weigh category to the bats that were being produced twenty and thirty years ago.
While T20 cricket has advanced the plight of cricket on the global stage, some of the plaudits and credit has to go to the modern day bat maker. It is because of these bat makers, that some of the audacious strokes that batsmen play are travelling quite as far as they do. Modern day bat makers are surely not the first on any bowler’s Christmas card list, however, analysts have pointed out that modern day bats have also contributed to the improvement of tail-end batsmen. This essentially means that bowlers are batting better because of the high quality of bats nowadays.
Hammer black ST
This renaissance in bat making has not been exclusive to any brand in particular. All of the renowned bat makers have produced absolute pristine quality bats. Bat making of great quality has also allowed the birth of micro bat breweries. Little bastions of quality new bats have arisen. This only bodes better for the game of cricket in the future.
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