The Vindico Genghis Players Plus Cricket Bat.


ive been dealing with the guys at vindico cricket now for a little over a month and so far have been very impressed. They are obsessed with cricket and love the game as do many of us. Vindico cricket is based here in the United States, as am i. But don’t be fooled into thinking that means they make Mickey Mouse bats.


The bats are hand selected at The BAS and RNS factories in india and they have a dedicated bat maker there hand crafting their blades for them. I was lucky enough to get one of their 2011 bats to use as my own. The Vindico Zulu Players + cricket bat.  Made a video of it and posted some pics and before i knew it someone wanted to buy it from me.


So i had to look at their new 2012 range and decided on the Genghis players plus bat. It suited my style of batting and i found one in the perfect weight range for me. ( 2.10 ) After oiling it, knocking it in and just generally treating it like another child i decided it was time to take it to the nets. I knew if i wanted to give a proper review of the bat i had to actually use it. I am lucky as well in that my local ” nets ” has the hard juggs balls in their bowling machine and not the soft spongy ones that many others have so it gives a real feeling of a cricket ball hitting the bat.


Now i will say right off the bat that the willow being used in the Vindico bats is not the top of the line premium quality willow that you might find in a Gray nicolls legend or GM original LE.There are a few blemishes / watermarks. I would classify the willow in their players plus bats as being the same as a GM 909 or GM original. Another good thing is that the willow is graded when it gets to the Vindico office and then is re-graded when it gets to me here at cricket store online. The reason we grade the bats this way is because we also take performance and ping into consideration when grading the bats. Vindico cricket only uses willow that performs well. You can be sure when you buy a Vindico cricket bat ( whether its a Test plus or players plus ) that it will perform well.


Here is my two video reviews of the bat. First one is my normal in store review and the second is my actual bat test in the nets.

Here is the video of me using the bat in the nets.


Using my cricket bat rating system which takes things like cost, willow quality , moisture content and performance into account This bat scored a 38/50 possible points putting it very near the top of the leader board.

For more on the rating system, see this post. click here, The bat-off.




I hope you enjoyed this full review of this cricket bat and hope i have been able to instill some confidence in you if you are interested in buy from this bat maker. Trust me, the ball will fly far and the bat will treat you well if you look after it well.


Remember the bat will need to be knocked in well. If you dont feel comfortable doing it i can do it for you. Vindico is a good, honest brand and i stand behind that. I look forward to seeing this brand do very well in the future. Rumour has it you might see it on cricket store shelves in Australia sooner than you think.


Thanks to Vindico Cricket USA.

Jason Mellet.

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1.972.533.1669 Rest of world