GM epic 909 2012 cricket bat review

The GM epic 909 cricket bat review


1: price. 8/10

2: willow. 7/10

3: finish. 8/10

4: performance. 7/10

5: wow. 3/5

6: moisture. 4/5


Final score. 37/50

Comments. The GM epic 909 is a good bat. Very good looking. It has nice grains structure and very clean looking. the bat is also a solid performing bat and at $319 its well priced as well. As all GM bats it will probably take a while to open up but once it does it will play well. the two bats i tested were 2.9 and 2.11. the 2.9 bat had a great balance but the 2.11 bat was a little bottom heavy but im sure a second grip would sort that out pretty easily. the pickup index on the 2.9 was 2 and on the 2.11 it was 3.

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