Blog review of the Gunn & Moore (GM) icon dxm original cricket bat.

The gm icon dxm original cricket bat is a fine piece of willow. Gunn and Moore have pulled out all the stops on this one.  This is craftsmanship at its finest. The icon dxm is very well balanced, beautifully finished and when you pick it up it just looks brilliant.  The bat comes with a pre-installed tow guard, Poly coat to protect the face of the bat and the GM driguard.

Watch this video bat review of the GM Icon dxm original cricket bat

gm icon dxm original cricket bat

You will also notice that this cricket bat has a very nice curve to the face so if thats something you like then this is the bat for you.  The face of the gm icon original has about 9 grains and is a top quality cricket bat. You will be spending about $399.00 USD on this bat but it is well worth the money and if you are a serious cricketer then this is your serious bat.


this is an amazing cricket bat and the pickup is super light even though it is nice and meaty, you would never know it.

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