GM Zelos 606 Cricket Bat 2018 review

Selling for $149.99 over at we are today looking at the GM Zelos cricket bat. One of the main

features on the new GM Cricket Zelos is its a replica of the very popular Indian bat profile. What I mean by that is that the toe features a subcontinent duckbill toe design on the back.

The Zelos also features a bow on the face which is unique to the GM range. All the other GM cricket bats all have no bow at all on their bats. The bow is more “old school” but a feature on cricket bats

that we really like here at cricket gear reviews.

GM zelos cricket bat

The Zelos cricket bat comes with a traditional L555 blade & is available from the 303 model up to the Original LE. Edge size you’re looking at 35mm and spine height at 64mm.

Weight wise for the GM Zelos cricket bat you’re looking at 2.8 in the LE models up to 2.12 in the rest of the models.

The rear of the bat does feature some concaving to keep the weight of the bats down to a manageable weight.

Find this cricket bat available now over at