Gray Nicolls Andrew Strauss Maverick limited Edition cricket bat

Gray Nicolls Andrew Strauss Maverick limited Edition cricket bat

Ive had a very good look at a lot of cricket bats in my short career in the cricket industry. And a hot topic of conversation has always been players grade cricket bats and bats designed and used by professional players.

This bat ive reviewed above in the video, the Andrew Strauss version on a gray nicolls maverick cricket bat is a very nice piece of willow. This particular cricket bat had a very light pickup, and weighed about 2lbs 0.85oz. The blade had a pronounced bow and flat face profile.

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I was also pretty surprised to see the huge edge size difference in these bats, and noticed GN do this on a lot of their cricket bats. Im not sure whats the purpose of this or if its a genuine mistake. I would love to hear back from them regarding this. This cricket bat does come with a toe guard and also a shoulder length padded Gray nicolls bat cover. The handle is nicely oval and the snake skiing grip is still one of my favorites..

These high end gray nicolls cricket bats are made of premium G1 english willow grown in england and then shipped to the GN factory where the finest bat makers go to work handcrafting them. All Gray Nicolls bats these days are edge stamped with the Gray Nicolls insignia to show authenticity. The flat face on this bat was quite surprising with a very big banana bow on the face as normally player grade bats have a more traditional camber on the face with very little bow. But this i guess is how Andrew Strauss likes his bats and thats ok. Over all the Ping and performance of this cricket bat was great and anybody will be very lucky to get themselves one of these bats..


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