What is the “Carbo” You might be asking yourself. I know when i first heard the term, thats is exactly what i asked. Well now i have done the research and know exactly what it is. Actually, its pretty simple.


Its a natural willow blade with a reinforced Carbon Fibre Handle. The Carbon Fibre is  added to the handle’s stress point giving extra reinforcement. The Carbon Fibre gives a slight flex to the handle without compromising stability, but still giving assured power in the hitting zone. here is a picture showing where the stress point is.

This gray nicolls carbo cricket bat is a very fine piece of willow.  When i played around with it i noticed the bat is very light but still has a huge power profile and has super thick edges. Ive been searching for a bat that is nice and meaty that is still very light.

Here is a link to a cricket bat review that i made that will give you a up close look at the gray nicolls evo carbo cricket bat.

gray nicolls evo carbo cricket bat video

This cricket bat comes with a tow guard, poly coat and the popular carbon reinforced handle. the price is around $289 dollars and is well worth the price.

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