Hey guys, welcome to my latest blog entry.


Today i am going to be talking more about my experience with the Gunn and Moore Epic cricket bat.




Whilst this pic only shows the face of the bat, it doesnt really do justice to the profile and the real potential of this incredible bat. Have a look at this short video review to find out what i really think of this new 2012 Gunn and moore epic cricket bat and get a good look at the profile as well. This is going to be one powerful bat. Feel free to keep on reading if you dont feel like watching the video.
I really hope you enjoyed that and it gave you a good perspective of what this bat looks like and hopefully it has helped you make a potential purchase.


Here are some close up HD pics of the GM epic cricket bat, the face, the edges and the awesome profile.

gunn and moore epic cricket bat side edge view


gunn and moore epic cricket bat rear profile vie


I am a big fan of this view below. because it shows exactly the profile differences of the three new Gunn and moore cricket bats. The GM halo, The GM 1885 and the GM epic cricket bats. all new for the 2012 cricket season.

GM halo, 1885 and epic cricket bats


Some of the major diffeences that you will see are:


The GM halo cricket bat has very little weight ( or wood ) up near the splice. It also has thinner edges up high on the bat. and has a very pronouced sweet spot, but its very concentrated to one area.


The GM 1885 cricket bat in the middle is a more traditional style cricket bat similar to the GM flare cricket bat but found that the GM 1885 had a lower sweet spot.


Then the GM epic cricket bat on the left as you can see has thick edges that span all the way from the toe all the way up the bat leading all the way to the shoulder of the cricket bat. The splice area of the bat is much thicker than the other two models and the sweet spot is spread out over a much bigger area increasing the sweet spot or meat of the bat. The sweet spot is also very low which means you could use this bat on low bouncing pitches ( like in india ) or you could use it on the bouncy pitches in Australia or South africa.


Some of the information we get off the Gunn and Moore website ( http://www.gunnandmoore.com/range/adult_bats/epic-dxm.aspx )


are things like :

Big edges, yes i would agrre with that, but dont think they are huge, because they are not.

Elongated swell height, yes the sweet spot ( swell ) goes all the way from just above the toe a long way up the back of the bat.

Perimeter weighting, not sure exactly what that means but its probably meaning that this bat has big edges and it carries some weight behind them. making hitting the ball near the edges that much easier.

Substantial toe, yes this bat has some extra profile wood behind the toe. The spine is shaves steep and this ridge goes all the way down to the toe of the bat. giving it a bit of extra umph!!

Made in england from prime english willow, well i damn well hope so.


Overall i think this is a big hitters bat as well as a touch player bat. i mean who cant do with a bigger sweet spot. I think we all can. Please keep in touch an let us know how your cricket is going.