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The Gunn & Moore maxi protective shorts are a pretty good pair of shorts. i have used them for about 2 seasons before i switched out to the more expensive Aero stripper moulded thigh guard. The GM shorts are made of cotton and are body hugging. They have all the necessary padding in them and offer a thigh pad as well as an inner thigh guard. The one pouch they don’t have is the abdomen protector. therefore you need to either wear a jock strap, underpants or other shorts with an inner liner. So that brings me to my problem with these pads. You will probably get pretty hot and sweaty if you war these. With basically 3 layers of clothing over you family jewels.

So basically i would say that these shorts are pretty good if you are on a budget. If you can afford the more expensive thigh pads then go for them instead. however if you are on a bit of a budget then these shorts will serve you well as i used them for 2 or 3 seasons and they were just fine.

i hope you have found this cricket gear review useful and easier to make a purchase decision.

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