Gunn & Moore six6 Cricket Bat

The 2014 Gunn & Moore six6 Cricket Bat F.45 DXM is now available only at Cricket Store Online. I want to tell you what’s new about this particular bat and why it’s so popular right now.

Gunn & Moore six6 Cricket Bat has got GM’s substantial F4.5 contoured edges, which means it’s got a nice big edge and the bow on the face only drops 4.5 millimeters (whereas the F7 drops 7mm, and the F2 only drops 2mm and is nearly flat). This F4.5 allows for a nice balanced combination of a big edge and rounded face. These larger edges do mean that the bat has a smaller spine, so be sure to keep that in mind if you’re used to a bigger spine on your cricket bat.

Gunn & Moore six6 Cricket Bat also has an elongated swell height and GM’s Powerarc bow, which along with the contoured edges allow for the bat to have no real roughness or sharpness in its shape. The sweet spot on this bat is medium, or right in the middle, giving it a good ping. GM actually boasts that this model has an elongated sweet spot. GM has on this model reduced the shoulders and toe, so if you’re switching from an older GM model, be aware of that.

Gunn & Moore six6 Cricket Bat handle has the new GM ripple grips, which are helpful for better control. It’s a round to oval handle and gives the bat nice balance. According to GM, this bat is ideal for all-round stroke play, but it’s generally a comfortable bat for other types of cricket play as well. These GM English Willow bats are all designed and produced in England and made from English Willow trees in Nottingham.

The 2014 GM F4.5 bat also has a nice color scheme with blacks and blues.


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