Hammer Cricket Equipment 2014

Hammer cricket equipment 2014

Hammer cricket bat range 2014

I have a bit of an inside line with the guys over at www.hammercricket.com and have heard from them they are busy developing a new line of kit bags for 2014. The bags will fall under the Vapen branding and include a Core, Pro and possibly an LE bag as well. The Hammer Cricket Equipment will also feature the release of the new 2014 line of Vapen batting gloves and vapen batting pads to compliment the current line of Core and platinum gear from 2013. And could be available in the 3 grades as well…Core, pro and LE. You can also expect to see a line of cricket gear specifically designed for the South African and Caribbean market place.

The new ” budget friendly ” line of hammer cricket gear will be called “Koning” which ties to the owners heritage. The word Koning meaning ” King ” in Afrikaans which is a language only spoken in South Africa and has ties to the Dutch language. The range of Koning cricket gear will be exclusively made in india to keep the price down and affordable.

Exciting news as well is new stock coming of all the Hammer Platinum cricket bats. In 2013 Hammer produced just 50 of these premium quality cricket bats which featured the finest and most rare english willow. The majority of the time having more than 10 grains and often used by professional players. We have confirmed that this coming year they have secured 75 pieces of this premium willow.

The fun and exclusivity doesn’t stop there however. They did in fact secure 100 pieces of this premium willow and are releasing an even more exclusive black edition with the other 25 pieces. The black edition will be one stock NEW shape and profile. Featuring a low sweetspot, supreme quality willow and Limited edition Laser engraving and even the premium quality Black edition bat covers will be numbered which will match the numbering on the bats… How incredible is that? The bats ( and covers will be numbered 00-24 and are due for release on the 1st of November. Having a look at the black edition stickers, people can expect to see a level of detail not yet seen before in the cricket market.

Hammer cricket equipment 2014

Hammer black edition cricket bats

Hammer seems to be taking the market by storm at the moment. Reports are that the brand is now in retail stores on 3 continents ( USA / Canada, the UK and Australia ) and soon to be a 4th and possibly 5th with South Africa and NZ jumping on board soon as well.  See a list of their authorized retailers here.On top of that we recently saw that Hammer cricket equipment made its first international Tv appearance by being displayed By Mr Navin Stewart in the #clt20 in India recently. Navin plays for Trinidad & Tobago and the team did very well making it through to the Semi Finals of the competition. It was quite awesome seeing the brand hold up to the likes of Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel.

hammer cricket equipment 2014

Navin watches on as Dale Steyn delivers

There is definitely a lot of excitement coming out of the Hammer camp for the 2014 season and we certainly look forward to seeing what the brains trust and design team come up with for the new year.

Best of luck to them. The products certainly are fantastic. 🙂