It is Cricket that has introduced us to such a wonderful human being as Haseeb Ramzan and I believe Cricket will help us get through the tragic circumstances under which he left us too early. After consultation with Jason MelletFaisal AkhtarRahul Kukretiand Aziz Savul, a 2 Day Benefit match to celebrate his life and the Haseeb as we know him.Haseeb Ramzan 2-Day Match
• To be named Haseeb Ramzan Benefit 2-day match. Proceeds from match will go 100% to the Ramzan family.

• Format to be decided based on # of players available. Plan is to have 2 pools of players and create 4 teams to play 2 competitive matches.
• Selection criteria will be talent as well as character. Selection to be determined by Jason Mellet from after consulting with Players of the League.
• Please look out for the Facebook page for this event so you can participate in this event.
• You will have to subscribe to 1 category or multiple categories below in order to participate:
o Batsman
o Bowler (Spin or Pace)
o All-rounder
o Wicket-keeper
o Captain
o Umpire
o Scorer
o Volunteer
• In order to make it fair for participation, we will employ a lottery system (fees will be non-refundable since this is for a charitable cause):
o $10 to put your name in the lottery.
o Additional $40 to play the match – will count as confirmation.
o Team will be selected based on the position you signed up for..
• Tentative Date is November 3rd and 4th 2012.
the only rule we have is that you have to be a Dallas based NTCA player to participate but please feel free to make donations to the family using the same link below. thank you.

Please support this wonderful cause. Its a tragic loss to lose a friend at any point of their lives.