Improve you batting with these cricket hotspot impact sheets and custom cricket bats

Custom made cricket bats. Part 1


I thought i would let you in on a process which i am taking part in which is the process of my getting my very first custom made criket bat. Now you might say if you know me that i have already had a Laver & Wood so wasnt that my first custom made bat?


Well the answer would be NO. I had a friend who bought 3 of them from Laver and i bought one of them from him. so i had no hand in the design of the bat.


What im doing here is using a company called Crictech to custom make the bat for me to my exact design specs. this means i can choose size or weight, handle type as well as where the sweetspot is. Its a complete design and its all in my hands.


One way this company is different than all other boutique bat makers is they use a patented Hotspot impact marker sheet.



It only takes about 30 seconds to cut, shape and apply your impact marker sheet and is as easy to take off as it is to put on


Here is where you can buy the sheets in packs of 10 sheets.  click here

Here is where you can buy the sheets in packs of 20 sheets.  click here


So basicaly the idea is that you use these sheets during different drills and each individual sheet will be for a different shot type.You will use one sheet for front foot drive shots only, then another for back foot drive. Next sheet will be for the cut shot and another for your hook and pull shot. Once you have completed you drills you write your name and the shot type on the sheet and take a photo of each sheet. Once you have all your pics you send them off to Crictech and the information goes off to their master bat maker.


You could also just use the sheets if you are interested in working on different shots, you dont have to buy a new custom bat in the process. Just stick a sheet on and see where you are hitting the ball. If you consistently hit the ball lower on the bat, then you know you should be using a bat like the GM luna that has a lower middle and the same applies if you are hitting the ball higher up. That type of information will dictate to you what style of bat you should be using.


Here is a video of me in the nest just messing around with the Hotspot impact sheets.


This is what the bat looks like when you are done with your session.



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As i go through this custom bat making process i will keep updating and adding to this blog so please keep coming back to find out more.