So just got the 2012 Kookaburra biggest kahuna in my hands and was horribly disappointed. theyve gone and taken the previously great design and absolutely raped it, giving it a completely flat face ( E41, SG, laver ultra etc ). i hate the look of it, and those other bats.

Now granted thats a personal opinion and has no effect on bat performance, but that brings me to my topic headline.

as i was looking at the new 2012 biggest kahuna ( stopping myself from throwing up on my computer ) something struck me. its looks like a bat ive just recently reviewed. so went through my bats and found it.

the SG VS 319 ultimate.

then remembered just the other day i did the review on the new Kahuna T20 and that as well is an exact replica of the SG stud T11i cricket bat.

now we all know SG makes Kookaburra’s bats for them but, previously i would of held kookaburra to a higher standard than SG, whereas in actual fact all they are doing is taking SG bats and putting kookaburra stickers on them, or vica versa.

so is kookaburra going down the same path as slazenger where their products will as well be only classified as a average indian brand or is SG going to be the big winner in this as people will start seeing them as a more reputable brand.

please remember these are all just my opinions…


p.s. guess i should grab my kahuna 1000’s and see which SG bat they are now as well right?