In keeping with the new trend of bringing back retro bats, Kookaburra has re-released its Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bat, and it’s very similar to the popular original.

Kookaburra has released the Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bat in several grades, and the Star is the second grade. While it doesn’t have an incredibly high number of grains, it’s still got very few blemishes, and it’s a very good price point. The Bubble Star cricket bat is made in India, along with all of Kookaburra’s bats.

I don’t usually start with the decals of a bat, but Kookaburra has really kept the Bubble Star’s decals true to the original. They’re white, red, and blue, and really stand out as retro, although they do take up a lot of space on the Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bat.

The Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bat has an interesting profile shape for Kookaburra, which tends to keep a fairly similar shape across its bats. Kookaburra’s Bubble Star bat has absolutely no concaving in the playing area and only a very small amount a little higher on the bat. While the spine on the Kookaburra Bubble Star doesn’t run all the way to the toe, the bat still has a nice chunky toe.

The edges on the Kookaburra Bubble Star cricket bat are very interesting because they have a very sudden taper that helps to reduce the weight. With roughly 40 mm edges and about a 62 mm spine, you’re getting a very solid bat with Kookaburra’s Bubble Star.

Kookaburra’s Bubble Star has a low middle, but still isn’t very bottom heavy, which is nice. It actually picks up a little lighter than its weight. The Bubble Star by Kookaburra also has a pretty significant pronounced bow, which also helps with its pickup.

When you’re thinking about the weight on the Kookaburra Bubble Star cricket bat, it’s important to bear in mind that the grips are actually very heavy. The handle on the Bubble Star is round, and very nice for bottom handed players.

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