Kookaburra 2013 Kahuna cricket bats

The Kahuna unleashes and enhances that awesome power that guided Ricky towards his selection of “ICC Player of the Year”.  The Kahuna Range delivers dominating power and protection.


The new 2013 Kookaburra kahuna bats have displayed some very pretty willow, some super nice straight grains which im sure will not stay that pretty as we start getting to the bottom of the barrel. The upgrade to the new stickers are also a nice improvement over the 2012 gear. One of the things that dissapoint me about the new 2013 kahuna bats is the Indian profiles they have adopted in this range. Meaning flat face, big edge, high spine and mega concaving. its hard to differentiate between the Kahuna range and the Ricochet range as they are almost identical. Its not only Kookaburra falling into this line of thinking, Gray nicolls  and SS are doing this very same thing as well.


My thought is that sometimes the consumer doesnt always know whats best. All customers want are big edges so my thought is big brands need to sell bats to remain big brands so they go ahead and do what they need to do to sell bats. And thats to  make bats with big edges. I spend my days talking people out of bats with massive edges and rather into bats that ping well and have big sweetspots. Big edges are achieved by making a bat that looks like the Kahuna. High spine, lots of concaving and a flat face. My personal bats have 30mm edges, minimal concaving and a rounded face and weigh 2.12+. What ive found is the problem with lots of concaving and a high spine means you have a potent sweetspot but its very narrow meaning you have to middle everything for it to go anywhere and off centre shots go nowhere meaning your big edges are useless.


Here is a look at my videos of the latest 2013 kookaburra kahuna cricket bats.

If you want to look for a kookaburra bat with a much more convincing profile then look at the Kahuna T20. Its has a lower spine, less concaving and big edges. Watch my video here.

This is a much better profile for big hitters and a much wider sweetspot. Whats also great is that it costs only $199 USD.

If you are looking for an innovative new brand maybe have a look to see what Slazenger are doing for 2013. There Hex handle and TAS inserts are probably the most innovative new technologies the cricket industry has seen in years and both technologies work well.