Kookaburra Ricochet 1000 2013 cricket bat review

So having a look at the recent “cricket insight Bat of the year for 2013 ” recently i had a quick little read and the Kookaburra turned out to be the 3rd best pinging bat on show but overall best bat. It was surprising to me that this bat did so well as its probably the most generic bat profile available today. Its about the same profile as every 2013 SS cricket bat. also very similar to the new Gray nicolls bats but on looks alone it is very difficult to judge a bat. You really do need to take a bat to the nets to get a proper feel for how a bat plays, feels and performs..So in this case i think we will take the CI opinion in thats its a really good bat. So here is my video review for you to look at.

Unfortunately as a reviewer of cricket bats, i have to share my opinions..I have never been a huge fan of the flat face / big edge theory. I just don’t like the look. Also Big edges are a nightmare for me when trying to sell cricket bats as people are obsessed with big edges, rather than things like performance. In my opinion the perfect bat has a 30mm edge and a 65-70mm spine height, with little to no concaving on the back with only a very gentle bow in the face. And thats exactly the opposite of what the Kookaburra bats for 2013 are. If you say the magic words ( 40mm ) you cant keep the bat on the shelves, they just fly off. A few weeks ago i got an enigma in store. The cricket bat was 2.8, 20 perfectly straight grains, SH and had 50mm edges. my first thought was…wow where can i get 100 more of these.. Then i bounced a ball on it and something was certainly wrong with it. It had been dried out completely…The moisture content was 0.0% and was basically a piece of cardboard. It was useless unless you were looking to make a fire.

So in this world of big edges, massive concaving and over drying clefts i have this to say to you. Take a bit of time to know where your bats are coming from. Everyone has different opinions of what makes a good cricket bat. and because i like one thing, doesn’t mean the kookaburra isn’t a good bat, just means i don’t like it. As the Cricket insight test suggests, its actually a pretty good bat. The one model i have left here which is 2.7 with 7 grains is a nice piece of willow and someone will be lucky to have it. But with a world of choice out there i would just like to mention some other brands you may want to look at as well.

Affinity cricket, Ayrtek ltd, H4L ( Hell 4 leather ), Hammer cricket