Lazer cricket bats

Jacques Kallis officially called it time on his entire cricket career last week. He was the best all round cricketer of the generation. A small piece of cricket trivia is that although he used a Slazenger cricket bat for the majority of his career, Jacques Kallis started his career using a Lazer Cricket Bat.

Lazer cricket bats were hugely popular in South Africa around the time of re-admission to international cricket and the period just after. Jimmy Cook and Clive Rice both batted with Lazer cricket bats.
Of late the Lazer cricket bat has been shrouded in a slight bit of infamy too. As it was a Lazer Cricket Bat that Oscar Pistorius used to hack down the bathroom door after fatally shooting Reeva Steenkamp. It is ironic that in all their history, the most air time and coverage the Lazer cricket bat was not from an international cricket player but from a fallen athletics star.
There are some cricket bats still being produced in South Africa like the B&S cricket bat and also more recently the DP collection of cricket bats.
South African cricket fans will always fondly remember the Lazer cricket bat and Lazer cricket equipment. The yellow, the blue with a few bright red cherries on the face, that was the envy of many cricket playing South African boys.
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