Lekka TPX Big hitter cricket bat


So this is my video, and blog review of the very exciting and ground breaking Lekka TPX Big hitter cricket bat.


You dont have to look at this profile twice to see its an awesome looking cricket bat. The handle is 2″ longer than normal making the blade obviously 2″ shorter. The benefit this gives you is quicker bat speed. Quicker bat speed gives you more power transfer to the ball meaning if you time the swing right you should be able to hit the ball further than with a normal cricket bat. So, if you are the type of person like me, who on occasion gets caught out on the boundary then maybe this bat is for you.


As im sure you can imagine i see a lot of cricket bats come across my path so when there is something different and unique i tend to get a bit excited. Excited is maybe an understatement. This bat is a big deal. A big enough deal that i actually bought this one for myself and plan on using it in my next cricket match.

Here is a quick video from youtube of some guys using the bat and hitting some huge sixes with it.

Note from the video that there is new branding in place for the US market. The Envy as mentioned in the video is the regular bat and the TPX is the Big hitter cricket bat.

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I have also put this bat through my cricket store online scoring system and this is how it shaped up against other bats.

Score :

1: price. 7/10

2: willow. 8/10

3: finish. 9/10

4: performance. 8/10

5: wow. 5/5

6: moisture. 4/5  (9%)


Final score. 42/50


Overall so far i am really impressed with this bat. the balance is superb, its exciting and yet also it feels comfortable in your hands. Bowlers are sure to be worried when you come to the crease with this monster. The price is on the high side at $369 but remember you can get two bats at a discounted price in my Lekka cricket bat deal. Saving you about $80 on the two bats.The edges on this bat are massive at 35mm and the profile will scare off any bowler. Hit this baby any near the middle and people cars in the parking lot will need to take cover.


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I did another video a few days ago and thought i should put that in here as well.


Ok, i think ive hopefully covered everything there is to know about this bat in the text above and the photos and the three videos. Please contact me on jason@cricketstoreonline.com for more information.


For more information and purchasing please click here.