Player profile

MS Dhoni is the best wicket keeper batsmen from India and is arguably best Indian with smart cricketing brain. MS Dhoni is known for big hits while batting and his unorthodox helicopter shots. MS Dhoni is one of the fittest sportsperson and can even give younger players a run for their money. Let us look at the cricket gears that make MSD one of the best in the world.

Cricket bat

MS Dhoni is using Spartan MSD Seven Cricket Bats. These bats are made with optimally balanced premium English Willow by a masterful bat maker. MS Dhoni is too much precise about his bat`s features. It has a unique shape such a way more weight is concentrated near the sweet spot to give more power to the shots. It has a distinctive middle profile which gives excellent power and pickup. It weighs around 1180 to 1250 grams.

In IPL 2019, MSD has been seen using SS, BAS cricket bats for quite some time and he has seen using bat from different sponsors during different times. But, he usually starts the match off with Spartan Bats as usual.

Cricket pads – Batting pads

MS Dhoni uses Spartan MSD 7 Cricket pads while batting. These pads have a traditional profile and made up of lightweight leather EVA filled bars and imported PU. It has a knee bolster in knee socket to provide extra protection. Soft cushion air mesh covers the lower strap and provides more flexibility.

Cricket Pads – Wicket Keeping pads

MS Dhoni is using Spartan MSD Warrior 7 wicket keeping pads. These are high quality wicket keeping pads designed to give flexibility, speed and comfort behind the stumps. These pads are light weight and have a pre-shaped top hat.

Batting Gloves

MS Dhoni uses Spartan MSD 7 batting gloves while batting. They are made of premium quality sheep leather and have PU covered finger inserts for additional protection. Pre-curved fingers and split thumb design gives comfort and flexibility. The soft fill gives extra protection and comfort.

Wicket Keeping Gloves

Ms Dhoni uses MSD Warrior Wicket Keeping gloves. These gloves are made in camouflage color and are made up of palm leather on back. They have a neoprene grip and cotton lining. The pre-made cups give ready to use feel and it confines to ICC regulations.

Cricket Shoes

MSD is known to use shoes made by CCS (Custom Cricket Shoes) that are designed specifically as per his requirement. Off late, He has been seen using shoes from Paytnr brand that works in conjunction with his Seven Brand. He is seen using Payntr White Camo Cricket Shoes. These shoes have high compression mid sole and abrasion rubber spiked outer console which enhances sturdiness and provides enhanced stability. These shoes are made of upper PU console to provide comfort, grip and breathability.