New to 2014, New Balance is expanding its brand in terms of cricket equipment with its New Balance CK4040AR Cricket Shoes. While New Balance’s other cricket equipment has been great quality, it’s known for its shoes, and is really making sure to impress with these CK4040 AR shoes.

New Balance CK4040AR Cricket Shoes

New Balance CK4040AR Cricket Shoes

One great thing about the New Balance CK4040AR Cricket Shoes are their versatility. While they were designed with bowling boots in mind, and are worn by top bowler Dale Steyn, they really can be used for batting and fielding as well. This is partially due to the extra support offered in the shoe.

New Balance has taken protection and support very seriously in its design for the CK4040AR cricket shoe. It’s fitted with a Velcro support strap, as well as a T-Beam, which helps to keep your knees and ankles stable when landing, thus preventing both short-term and long-term injuries.

On its CK4040AR cricket shoes, New Balance has included a full leather upper. Not only does this look nice on the shoe, it helps make the shoes last a long time. The full leather upper on New Balance’s CK4040AR cricket shoes allow the shoes to be durable and really endure the elements if you’re playing outdoors in the rain or mud. This will help save you money in the long run because you won’t be running out for a new pair of shoes every season.

The versatility of New Balance’s CK4040AR cricket shoes doesn’t stop with how they can be played. New Balance has allowed these shoes to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor play with unique rubber soles and removable spikes.

Head over to your cricket store to check these new shoes out along with other premium cricket equipment from these top brands: Gunn and Moore, Gray Nicolls, Slazenger Cricket, Kookaburra, and Adidas Cricket.

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