New to 2014, Nike has come out with the Nike LunarAccelerate Bowling Boots. They’re not the cheapest bowling boots on the market, but they’re well worth the money, because you know you’re getting top quality, reliable, and durable cricket equipment with Nike.

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Nike LunarAccelerate Bowling Boots

Nike LunarAccelerate Bowling Boots

The Nike LunarAccelerate bowling boots can be worn for batting and fielding, but were really designed with the bowler in mind. With a higher cut and an ankle strap, these bowling boots offer maximum ankle protection for those hard landings. The strap on the Nike LunarAccelerate boots really locks down the ankle so it can hardly move in the shoe.

Again with the bowler in mind, Nike has included a reinforced toe box on its LunarAccelerate bowling boots. This reduces wear and tear on the shoe while protecting the bowler’s foot. Almost contrastingly, the Nike LunarAccelerate bowling boots are fitted with flex grooves at the forefoot to allow for the flexibility a bowler needs.

Aesthetically, the Nike LunarAccelerate bowling boots look nicer than Nike cricket shoes from years past. Nike has ditched the orange cricket shoes and elected to go for a more subtle white shoe with red and blue accents for its 2014 shoes.

The Nike LunarAccelerate bowling boots are made with lots of mesh and airflow systems to keep your feet nice and cool while you’re playing, allowing for a very comfortable shoe. Nike has also included foam cushioning under the heel for maximum comfort as well as shock absorption to protect your joints when landing.

While the Nike LunarAccelerate bowling boots are not the most lightweight cricket shoes, they are still in the lightweight range, even with the higher cut and ankle strap.

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