Photographic review of the Kookaburra kahuna twins cricket bats package

  • Limited Edition – the best of the Kahuna style, selected and graded by our Master Bat Maker
  • A pair of bats – made from adjoining clefts.
  • Unbleached English willow.
  • Power dominating strokemaker.
  • The high spine and big edges give this bat a huge hitting area the relishes the English conditions
  • ‘Dynamic Power’ shaped face
  • Naturally ‘Air Dried’.
  • 12 piece ‘Power Drive’ Sarawak cane handle.
  • Lime ‘Max’ Grip.
  • ‘Kookaburra Pre Prepared’ (KPP).
  • Naturally air dried willow for increased performance and durability
  • Free of charge padded bat case.
  • Short Handle only.
  • Weight range 2lb 7oz – 2lb 12oz

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